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How to create a LEGO castle

There are lots of LEGO castle building sets, but you do not need a set of specific instructions to create your own castle. With a solid foundation, the right construction technology and a good design idea, you can easily build one.


[[[[Edit]Build walls, gates and towers

  1. Choose a flat base plate to form the base of the wall. LEGO base tiles are the flat pieces that are often used as floors in a model. Use a flat base plate to give your first layer of bricks a surface to attach to so that they are robust.[1]
    Create a LEGO castle Step 1 version 2.jpg
    • You can choose several flat base tiles to build your foundation or use a large one.
    • Choose a brown base plate to mimic dirt or a green one to look like grass.
  2. Place rectangular bricks on the base plates to start your wall. Shape the first layer of your castle wall by attaching rectangular LEGO bricks to your base tiles. Place them from beginning to end so that they touch each other and form a single layer.[2]
    Create a LEGO castle Step 2 version 2.jpg
    • If you want to give your castle a classic look, use gray bricks.
    • Try using bricks of the same size to make your wall look more uniform.
  3. Use a locking technique to stack additional bricks. An interconnection technique means that you take two bricks that touch each other and lay 1 brick over them to keep them connected. As you continue to stack your bricks and build your wall, use an interlocking technique to make your wall more robust.[3]
    Create a LEGO castle Step 3 version 2.jpg
    • An interconnected design is a classic brick wall technique, so using it for your castle makes it look more like a real wall.
  4. Leave larger gaps at the bottom of the wall to create gates. When you stack your bricks and build your castle wall, you choose where you want to place a gate. Leave a larger gap between two sides of your wall to leave a gate opening. If you have a LEGO gate or drawbridge, add it to the opening and build it around it.[4]
    Create a LEGO castle Step 4 version 2.jpg
    • If you make a larger castle, you can make several gate openings.
    • The gate opening can be any size you want, but a proper castle must have a gate!
  5. Move the bricks to create window openings. If you want to add some windows to your castle walls, leave an extra space between two bricks so that there is a small opening. Then continue to stack your castle in an interconnected manner.[5]
    Create a LEGO castle Step 5 version 2.jpg
    • You can adjust the size of your windows by leaving a smaller or larger space between the bricks.
    • If you have square bricks, you can slide them to create a series of small windows.
  6. Add towers above the gates by stacking cornerstones. If you want to add a few towers on top of the gates, use 3-dot cornerstones to add a textured design effect. Stack them on top of your gate and place rectangular bricks over them to create a roof.[6]
    Create a LEGO Castle step 6 version 2.jpg
    • You can also add smaller bricks on top to give the tower a spire or tip.
  7. Space square pieces on top for a classic castle design. When you are done building part of the castle wall, add a few square pieces on top to give it the classic medieval design effect. Place the square bricks evenly so that it looks consistent.[7]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 7 version 2.jpg
  8. Create corner towers by stacking bricks in a square design. A tower is a tower that is usually placed in the corners of a castle. Stack rectangular bricks in a square pattern to build towers and place them in the corners of your walls.[8]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 8.jpg
    • Make the towers higher than your walls.
    • If you make several towers, you can build them in the same size and height so that your castle looks even.
  9. Create bridges with base plates between towers or walls. Use brown base plates so that the bridges look wooden. Attach them to the tops of walls or towers to connect two of them and form a bridge that your LEGO people can cross.[9]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 9.jpg
    • You can also use gray base plates to look like stone bridges.
    • Add thin rectangular bricks to the sides of the bridges to make the railings.

[[[[Edit]Choosing a castle designer

  1. Look for instructions on the LEGO website if you want a specific design. If you want to build a specific castle design, you can use the official instructions as a guide. Search the LEGO website or a search engine for the castle design you are looking for and print or read the on-screen instructions.[10]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 10.jpg
    • To visit the LEGO website, go to: https://www.lego.com/.
    • You may need to find or buy specialized pieces to build some of the design.
  2. Use Kingdom’s Modular Castle Creator for a variety of designs. You can use LEGO castle modules which are sets that can be configured in several ways to give you many different design options. The kit contains instructions and all the parts you need to build interchangeable modules, which you can use to create your own castle designs.[11]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 11.jpg
    • You can buy the Kingdom’s Modular Castle Creator online.
    • Most of the models in the module module require specialized pieces that are included in the set.
  3. Find special castle kits if you want to build a specific design. LEGO makes sets that contain instructions and all the pieces you need to build a specific castle, such as Cinderella Castle or Queen Elsa Castle from Frozen. Search online for specific castle designs offered by LEGO and choose the one you want to build.[12]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 12.jpg
    • Check out the LEGO website for different castle sets you can build.
  4. Combine several castle sets to form a large castle building. Choose LEGO castle design sets that you like and build them individually to combine them into one large castle. You can also use modules or pieces from different sets to build a castle of your own design, using elements from each set that you like.[13]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 13.jpg
    • For example, you can take modules or pieces from a forest castle design and a medieval outpost design and use different functions to create your own unique design.
  5. Search online for inspiration for your castle design. There are many LEGO builders out there who love to build super-engineered and detailed LEGO castles. Find LEGO castles online and search through the design to find elements that you like and can replicate in your own castle.[14]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 14.jpg
    • For some inspiration from LEGO Castle, visit: https://www.brothers-brick.com/tag/castle/.
    • Looking at other great castle designs can help inspire you!

[[[[Edit]Add details, decorations and landscapes

  1. Attach a castle door to the outside of the wall. Use a specialized rectangular brick that has studs on the side so that other Lego pieces can be attached to them and add it to your wall design. Take a piece of LEGO castle door and stick it on the studs to add a castle door to the outside of your wall.[15]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 15.jpg
    • LEGO castle doors are special objects that can only come in specific kits.
    • The castle door cannot be opened like a gate, but it is an excellent decoration for your castle walls!
  2. Attach balcony modules to walls or towers. Modules are specialized parts that form a specific design. Choose a balcony module and attach it to a tower or wall to add balconies to your castle.[16]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 16.jpg
    • Balcony modules require special pieces and may need to be purchased separately
  3. Place LEGO animals and people around the castle. Add some pigs, chickens, soldiers, farmers and other figures to your castle to bring it to life. Place the soldiers along the walls and the animals around the area to create a realistic scene.[17]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 17.jpg
    • Use your imagination! For example, there may be a mighty dragon landing on the castle walls or a LEGO person chasing a chicken inside the castle.
  4. Use flat blue base plates to create a moat around the castle. A moat is a ditch filled with water that surrounds a castle to help defend against invaders. Take some blue flat bottom tiles and place them on the outside of your castle, next to the walls. Stack them from end to end around your castle to form a floating moat.[18]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 18.jpg
    • Place a brown base plate over the water in front of the castle gates to create a wooden bridge.
  5. Add some plants and trees around the castle. Attach shrubs around the outside of the castle walls to add some greenery. Place trees around the inside and outside of your castle so that it looks more realistic and lively.[19]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 19.jpg
  6. Put up some LEGO flags around the walls and towers. If you have any LEGO banners, paste them directly on the pins on top of the castle walls. If you have flags and flagpoles, attach the flagpoles to the pins and connect the flags to them so that they look like they are blowing in the wind.[20]
    Make a LEGO castle Step 20.jpg


  • Take some time to sort out your pieces before you start building so that it is easier to find what you need.
  • It’s your castle design, so have fun with it!


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