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How to control an iPad or iPhone with a mouse

This guide shows you how to configure and use a mouse with your iPad or iPhone.

Finally, with the arrival of iOS 13, you can control your iPad or iPhone (or even iPod Touch!) With a mouse. It's a bit buried in the settings, but we'll take you step by step throughout the process. All you need is for your device to run iOS 13 (or iPadOS) and a Bluetooth mouse.

  1. Select Settings from your home page or wherever you have moved it.
  2. Select Availability
  3. Select Touch from the PHYSICAL AND MOTOR section.
  4. Select AssistiveTouch
  5. Switch the switch for AssistiveTouch to ON
  6. Scroll down to POINTER DEVICES and select Select Bluetooth Devices …
  7. Your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch is now searching for a nearby Bluetooth mouse ̵
    1; make sure it is on and currently broadcasting (discoverable).
  8. When found, select it.
  9. Once connected, you will be able to use the mouse with your device! You will notice that the mouse pointer is a gray circle (see screenshot below).
  10.   mouse pointer icon for ios

  11. Select the small icon (see screenshot below) next to the connected mouse ( Note: now that the mouse is connected, try to use it to exit this guide).
  12. Select Customize Mouse Buttons
  13. From here you can see what buttons on the mouse are currently configured to do and change them if you want. To make a change, select the corresponding button.
  14. You get a fairly long list of "actions" that the mouse button can use to perform. You can always return to this section if you need or want to change what one of your mouse buttons does.
  15. All done!

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