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How to choose the perfect bar stools

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to narrow your choices when it comes to choosing the perfect bar stool. Whether you want to put them in your kitchen or living area, you want something that fits your needs perfectly. While it can be somewhat of a daunting task, if you follow the tips below, you will soon find your perfect bar stool to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Step 1 – Set Your Budget

Bar stools vary widely in price points – going as low as $ 25 and becoming as expensive as over $ 200 each ̵

1; so it's important to start by setting your budget per bar stool . Think about what is reasonable for you to spend and set an absolute maximum and stick to it.

Step 2 – Think about the materials

Next, think through what materials you want your bar stools to be made of. You want something that both makes sense for the space that your stools occupy and that also suits your taste. For example, if you plan to paste your new bar stools into the kitchen, consider how light they should be to clean. Especially if you have children who are going to eat on the bar stools, you want something that is not easily stained – which means they are not covered in fabric – and which can easily be wiped clean.

  a single modern stool with angular design

If you have your heart set on bar stools that are largely fabric based for your kitchen, consider those made for indoor and outdoor use. They are usually made of fabric that can dry clean with water. Also consider buying bar stools in dark color or pattern to more easily hide food and beverage stains over the years. Bar stools that contain rattan or woven materials are also difficult to keep clean and maintain, and generally show lighter wear.

In general, wooden or metal bar stools are the easiest to clean. Wooden chairs that have a more rustic or distressed look to them will show less wear over time. Another alternative when it comes to materials that are easy to maintain is leather or faux leather. This material can be wiped down and easily kept clean and is quite durable, making it a popular choice. It also appeals to a number of aesthetic preferences.

When you think through the materials, you should also think about durability. You want something built to last! In addition, bar stools will probably be pushed in and out many times a day, so if you are walking with pallets that are painted, make sure they have a solid surface so that they will not be easy to grip.

Step 3 – Determine the optimal height

Determining the height of the bar stools to invest in is a very important step in the process. Most stools are available in two general sizes: bench height and bar height. Counter height counters are made for countertops that are "standard" at 36 inches. The bar height is designed to accommodate a higher bar area, typically raised to about 42 inches. To determine which height pallet is best for you, measure how high your counters go and then choose. You want to make sure there is adequate space for people to sit on your pallets comfortably and not be too close or too far away from the counter.

 two backless bar stools in a kitchen near other chairs

Step 4 – Determine on the back

Bar stools are available with and without backs. You have to choose which style is best for your taste and needs. First, you may have a strong sense of this given the aesthetics you prefer. If not, you will next consider who should use these pallets. If you have young children who often sit on these stools, a backless alternative can be risky. If you plan to use your bar stools a lot to eat meals or work with them for a long time, your back will be more comfortable.

can be a good alternative. These are also a reliable choice if you have some space, as you can usually find stools that are smaller in width that have no back. These can also save on space as when not in use, they can be pushed far below a disk overhang and be virtually invisible. This leaves more walking space if you have a narrower kitchen.

Once you have answered all these questions, you are ready to choose your perfect bar stool that meets these criteria. Choosing the right bar stool is just the beginning of choosing the perfect furniture for your house. Explore some more interior decorating tips to get inspired for your next project!

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