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How to choose a kitchen cushion

Carpets are an easy way to add color and personality to your kitchen without breaking the bank. They can also prevent unwanted straws when you do your normal routine. But with all the different shapes, sizes and colors available, choosing a new rug can be quite daunting. Thankfully, it only takes a few minutes to find a rug that best fits your kitchen measurements and needs!

[ Edit ] Steps

[ Edit ] Pick the right size and shape

  1. Accent narrow kitchen with a thin, rectangular rug. Take a long measuring tape and measure the length and width of the galley, or the narrow aisle space in your kitchen between appliances and cabinets. Pull at least from each side and use these dimensions to shop a runner or a thin, rectangular rug. [1]
      Choose a Kitchen Rug Step 01.jpg
    • For example, if your kitchen is long and wide, you would like to have a runner that is no more than long and wide.
  2. Place rectangular rugs under a dining area in your kitchen. Measure the length and width of your kitchen table, island, or any other large table or structure that you want to accentuate with a rug. Add to all sides of the table and use these dimensions when shopping for a rug. [2]
      Select a kitchen deck step 02.jpg
    • If you e.g. If you have a kitchen table, you want a rug that is at least. The extra carpet space will be a factor when you pull out or slide in chairs around the table.
    • Larger rugs are excellent for more expansive kitchens.
  3. Choose small rugs as accents in front of your sink and appliances. Buy small, simple rugs that are about or, depending on the size of your kitchen. Arrange these rugs in front of your sink, refrigerator or any other area where you have a lot of feet. Rectangular and round rugs can work well for this, depending on your own personal preferences. [3]
      Choose a kitchen deck step 03.jpg
    • There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a carpet shape for your kitchen. The most important thing is that you like the carpet and the energy it gives to your living area!
  4. Place a large, round rug in the center of a larger room to balance it. Think about the design of your kitchen – is it quite closed, or is it really expansive and separated? If you have a large kitchen, choose a large, round rug that really connects the entire room. [4] If you place the rug under a round table, choose a rug that is at least longer than the diameter of the table. [5]
      Choose a Kitchen Rug Step 04.jpg
    • For example, if your table is wide in diameter, choose a rug that is at least wide.

[ Edit ] Choose a Material

  1. Choose a flat fabric blanket if you prefer something that is easy to wash. Believe it or not, rug materials can play a pretty important role, depending on what you are looking for in a rug. Choose a cotton, flat weave blanket if you want something that is easy to throw in the tray. Since these rugs are quite densely woven, you do not have to worry about your pets clinging to the material. [6]
      Choose a kitchen door step 05.jpg
  2. Choose a polypropylene rug if you "are worried about potential stains. Look for rugs made with polypropylene, which is a polyester blend or other synthetic material. You can clean and spot-treat these areas really easily, as long as you follow the care label that comes with the carpet. [7]
      Choose a Kitchen Door Step 06.jpg
    • These types of rugs are really useful for high traffic parts of your kitchen, such as kitchens.
    • These rugs are great for regular kitchens or outdoor dining.
  3. Choose a wool rug as a stain-resistant, cushioned alternative. Buy rugs made with wool, which are naturally stain-resistant. Choose this type of rug if you want a little extra cushioning. in your residential area, or if you only want a maintenance rug. [8]
      Choose a kitchen deck step 07 version 2.jpg
    • Always follow the care instructions that come with the rug when handling stains.
    • If you do not find a rug made entirely of wool, choose a mixed wool blanket instead.
  4. Cover tile or wooden floor kitchen with thick, textured carpet. Think about your kitchen's needs and whether you need a large or small rug in your cooking and dining area. Look for rugs designed with large, thick loops, which give a comfortable touch to your kitchen and dining area. [9]
      Choose a kitchen deck step 08.jpg
    • Thick carpets can provide a lot of cushioning if you work in the kitchen for a long time.
    • For example, place a large, beige rug with a thick fabric under a smaller, rounded table.
  5. Secure carpet underlays under your carpets so that no one slips and falls. Search online or in a home improvement store for rugs that fit the dimensions of your kitchen rug. First place the rug pads on the floor and then lay the rug over the top. Always install upholstery under your rugs if you can, as it can save you from a lot of potential travel and slippage. [10]
      Choose a kitchen deck step 09.jpg
  6. Place foam mats under smaller mats. Think about how much time you spend in the kitchen – if you tend to stand at the sink or other hob a lot, you may want to put a foam pad above or under your smaller kitchen rugs. These pillows can provide a lot of extra support if you plan to be in the kitchen for a while. [11]
      Choose a kitchen step step 10.jpg
    • These pillows work best with small rugs but are not suitable for rugs that go under tables or other large structures.

[ Edit ] Select a suitable color scheme

  1. Match your carpet with the existing color scheme in your kitchen. Note the paint color in your kitchen, along with the colors of your appliances, countertops and other furnishings in your room. Choose a rug that complements these colors and helps to bind the room together. [12]
      Choose a kitchen deck step 11.jpg
    • For example, if you have white paint in the kitchen along with brown and white cabinets, you may want to pick out a brown or red patterned rug for your room.
    • If you have gray countertops, you can choose a patterned blue and gray rug to go in your kitchen.
  2. Choose a warm or light rug to add some color to the room. Think about your personal goals for the room, and if you want your room to feel colorful or more minimalist. Play with different colors, such as warm red or light blue. Choose a color that you really like, and that you will not bother to see every day. [13]
      Choose a kitchen door step 12.jpg
    • For example, if your cabinets are light brown or white, you can choose a light blue or green rug, or any other color you like.
  3. Choose a patterned rug to add a little extra depth to your kitchen. Choose a rug with diamonds, stripes or another exotic pattern that goes well with the rest of your kitchen. You can choose carpets with light or neutral colors, depending on what you think of your kitchen. [14]
      Choose a kitchen deck step 13 version 2.jpg
    • For example, if you have brown cabinets and multicolored countertops, a subtle gray rug with thin stripes can work well.
    • Geometric rugs are a great option that can add a lot of personality to your kitchen. [15]
  4. Choose a solid, neutrally tinted rug to give the room a minimalist touch. Look for rugs that come in more muted or neutral toned colors. Choose something that helps add to the kitchen without acting as a distraction, which helps create a minimalist look overall. [16]
      Choose a kitchen deck step 14.jpg
    • For example, gray, white, brown, tanned or black carpets can go really well with many different cabinets and countertops.

[ Edit ] Tips

  • Do not choose a rug willy nilly! There is nothing wrong with taking the time to decide on a kitchen rug that you like.


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