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How to change your voice with a simple module: 4 steps

There is a potentiometer on the front of the circuit board to adjust the tone. (as shown in the picture)

Adjust clockwise to lower the sound Sink, adjust anticlockwise,
the sound becomes more distorted. When you are done, press the reset button on the left. Only to restore the system and load the latest tone, will it be effective.

Note: 1 、 Due to the limited driving capacity of the sound changer itself, it cannot directly push the speaker to make sound. Use a 3.5mm jack to connect the audio output from the audio changer to the headset or external amplifier.

2 、 When connecting the audio system, keep in mind that the audio system should be far away from the microphone due to audio output also transmitted to the microphone, which vibrates, especially if the audio amplification is maximized. At this point, it is necessary to adjust the potentiometer in combination with audio amplification to select the correct audio amplifier multiple. This problem does not occur when testing with headphones (since the output sound from the headset is not transmitted to the microphone).

3 、 The volume adjustment is mainly due to the external amplifier audio volume adjustment, audio amplification multiple adjustment potentiometer can only adjust the volume to a certain degree.

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