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How to catch a dress by hand

If you have never worn a dress before, you may feel intimidated and unsure of where to start. It is actually quite simple and you do not need much skill to do well. You can actually complete this project in half an hour or less with just a needle and thread with a blind stitch. When you turn the dress right out, the seams will not appear at all.

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Marking the Hemline

  1. Try the dress to determine where you want the home to be . Do not wear heels or shoes that lean forward so that the holes are uneven. Instead, stand up standing with your feet flat on the floor so you can see where the dress is falling. If you want to make the dress shorter, decide how much fabric you want to remove. [1]
      Home a Dress by Hand Step 1.jpg
    • You can try on the shoes you plan to wear with the dress in to get an idea of ​​where you want the home line. However, remove them when you start marking the subline or it may be tilted.
  2. Turn the dress inside and use fabric chalk to mark the underline. Remove the dress and turn it outwards before placing it flat on the work surface. Place a ruler or tape measure on the dress and mark each other along the entire line. Then place a ruler over the markings to set them and draw along the corner line. [2]
    • If you are struggling to mark a straight border, put the dress back on while inside and ask a friend to mark the line for you.
  3. Draw another line below the half line. Use chalk to create a parallel line below the half line so you know where to actually cut the fabric. Once you cut the fabric along this line, you will fold it up so that your half line falls where you want. [3]
    • If you forget to select a lower cut line, your finished bottom edge will be higher as you fold and sew the bottom edge of the fabric.
  4. Cut the excess fabric from the bottom of the dress if you shorten the dress. When you know how much fabric to remove, use scissors to cut carefully along the bottom line you selected. Discard excess fabric or save leftovers for another sewing project. [4]
    • Skip this step if you inhibit the unfinished edge from a dress that you have already measured and cut.

[ Edit ] Hand-sew the homes

  1. Fold the edge of the fabric and stick the raw edge under. Take the raw edge of the fabric and pick it up so that the bottom of the fabric aligns with the bottom edge that you marked. Then fold the top of the folded fabric underneath to hide the raw edge. [5]
    • Even if you do not have to stop the raw edge below, your border will be more professional if the raw edge is not visible.
  2. Attach the new half-line in place with sleep sticks. To prevent the folded edge from loosening, insert a sewing pin through the folded fabric. Make sure you insert the pins vertically so that they attach to the bays. Place the sewing pins around each other so that the fabric does not slip around. [6]
  3. Thread a sleep needle. Cut a thread that is about long and thread it through the eye on a sewing needle. Then make a knot in the tail. [7]
      Home a Dress by Hand Step 7.jpg
    • It is important to choose a thread that fits the dress perfectly. In this way, it will not be noticed if anyone sees the inside of the dress.
  4. Insert the needle into the fabric at the seam. Keep the dress facing out so that you are only sewing through the wrong side of the fabric. Find the vertical seam where the pieces of clothing are sewn together. Then push your needle through some of the fabric's outer loops so you don't insert it from the bottom of the fabric. Pull the thread until you reach the knot at the end of the tail. [8]
    • If you are working with a thick fabric, insert the needle again and take it through the thread of the thread before pulling the thread. This ensures an extra knot.
  5. Press the needle through a stitch directly above the folded trap. Do not push the needle through the fabric, otherwise the stitch will appear on the right side of the dress. Instead, slide your needle through a single loop on the fabric surface so that you do not punch a hole on the right side of the dress. Then, pull the needle to pull the thread through the seam. [9]
    • It may feel like you're not really sewing through the fabric, but as long as you pick up a single stitch, your back will last.
  6. Pick up a stitch on the folded fabric under the bottom line. Insert the needle tip into a single stitch during folding. Make sure you sew on the folded fabric instead of above it. Then pull the thread so that it attaches the crease in place. [10]
    • Carefully pull so that you do not do the hemline puck.
  7. Work the empty seam from right to left across the entire half line. Move the needle to the right and insert it into a stitch on the fabric above the fold. Remember not to push the fabric through to the right side of the dress. Then make another small stitch under it on the folded fabric. Repeat the dark stitch around the bottom edge until you reach the stitch where you started. [11]
    • If you are left-handed, it is probably easier to sew from left to right.
  8. Cut off the thread tail and turn the bottom dress right side out. When you reach the stitch where you started to hem the dress, insert the needle and pull until you make a loop. Bring the needle through the loop to tie the thread. Do this one more time before cutting off excess thread and turning the dress to the right. [12]
      Home a Dress by Hand Step 12.jpg

[ Edit ] Tips

  • If you inhibit a dress made of silk, chiffon or lace, sew a rolled hem instead .
  • Because denim is such a heavy fabric, you can wear a denim skirt or dress with a machine.

[ Edit ] Things You Need

  • Fabric chalk
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Straight pin

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