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How to become a chef

You might decide to become a chef because you like to cook and like to experiment in the kitchen. It is a demanding career, but it can also be very satisfying if it is something you love. Start building the cooking skills you need to become a chef by practicing at home, getting a restaurant job and getting feedback from others. Then continue your education to be a chef, either at school or under the guidance of a mentor. Finally, get a job at a restaurant and work your way up to the role of chef.

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[ Edit ] Develop your cooking skills

  1. Practice cooking at home to build your skills. Choose recipes that you think are appealing and make them yourself. As you get better at cooking, you can try recipes that include new skills that you haven't tried yet. Don't be afraid to experiment with recipes to make them your own. [1]
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    • Play with different types of kitchens to see what suits your style and taste. For example, you can make Italian food one night, Mexican food the next night, then your own twist on burgers.
  2. Experiment with food to create your own recipes. Part of the fun of being a chef is preparing your own special dishes. Once you are familiar with the usual ingredients, start playing with recipes to make them your own. Take risks so you can create something completely new! [2]
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    • Start by making changes to an existing recipe to do something different. Then try mixing ingredients without following a recipe.
    • Some of your creations will be a success, while others may be inedible. This is normal, so don't give up!
  3. Cook for others to get feedback on your meals. Although it is scary to open yourself to criticism, feedback can help you grow as a chef. Create food for people as often as you can and ask them what they liked or didn't like about your dishes. Incorporate the feedback that makes sense to you. [3]
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    • If you can, serve your food to people who enjoy the type of food you like to cook. They will be able to give a better opinion. For example, let's say you enjoy Indian food. You get better feedback from someone who enjoys Indian food.
  4. Watch other chefs learn their techniques. You can learn a lot from watching others. See cooking programs and online studies to see how other chefs work. Also, note the cooks or cooks that you know. Try to learn how they work. [4]
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    • Don't worry about copying how someone does something. You want your own style! However, it helps to see how they perform certain skills and how they get creative with ingredients.
  5. Get a job at a restaurant to build your skills and resume. It would be great to start as a chef, but it takes time to work your way up the career ladder. Start with a low-level restaurant job that will help you learn the skills you need. Apply for any restaurant jobs you see advertised locally. [5]
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    • Your first restaurant job will probably not be prestigious, but everyone will start at the bottom. You are likely to work as a line cook. This will help you learn the skills you need to move up the career ladder and eventually become a chef.

[ Edit ] Training to Be a Chef

  1. Sign up for a culinary program for a comprehensive education. When you go to a culinary school not required for chefs, it can help you get a job. Most culinary programs offer a broad education in nutrition, hygienic cooking techniques, slaughterhouses, pastry products and other basic cooking skills. Examine culinary programs, then apply to your best 3-5 choices. [6]
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    • Programs are offered at business or vocational schools, colleges and culinary institutes. You may receive a certificate in culinary arts from a vocational or vocational school of 6-9 months. If you want a doctorate in culinary arts from a community college, you can expect your program to take about two years. In addition, you can earn a four-year bachelor's degree in culinary arts from a college, university or culinary institute.
    • Look for a program that offers classes in business, management and human resources if you think you can open your own restaurant one day.
  2. Exercise at home if you are planning to become a self-taught chef. When you go to a culinary school to help you learn the skills you need, you can choose to teach yourself what you need to know. Practice cooking in your own kitchen every day. Cook meals to your family or host events in your home to get more exercise. Push yourself out of your comfort zone to help you learn the skills you need. [7]
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    • Volunteer to cook for parties and events if people buy the ingredients for your recipes.
    • Use online studies and cookbooks to learn new skills.
  3. Find an internship at a restaurant to build your resume. Although an internship is not so glamorous, it can open doors to the job you want. Contact local restaurants to inquire about available internships. If you do not find a question, ask a local chef or restaurant owner if they would consider taking you as a short-term intern. During this time, see the chef, sous chef and line chefs to learn new skills. Also, follow all the instructions they give you exactly. [8]
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    • Some culinary art schools have relationships with local restaurants that offer internships for students.
    • Your internship is likely to be unpaid. But treat it like a regular job so that you can get a good reference when applying for a job.
  4. Get a certification if you focus on a particular area. Usually you do not need certifications to become a chef. However, you can choose to get one if you have a specialization that you plan to pursue. If you have trained in a particular area, take a certification test to help you strengthen your resume. [9]
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    • For example, you can be certified as a pastry chef, a decorator, or a sous chef.
    • If you have the training and experience required, you can take a certification test through the Research Chefs Association, the American Culinary Federation, the Culinary Institute of America, and the US Personal Chef Association.

[ Edit ] Working Your Way up to Chef

  1. Apply for start-up kitchen stands at local restaurants. As you begin your restaurant career, be open to all positions that come your way. Look for jobs in local restaurants, then submit your application, follow up letters and resume. Send out multiple applications at once to increase your chances of getting a job. [10]
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    • You may start as a kitchen assistant or garde manger, who is the person who prepares appetizers, soups and cold dishes. The next step up is line chef, then sous chef, which is the position directly below the chef. Finally, you can become a chef in a restaurant.
    • If you have previously worked in a kitchen, you can probably get a better job than someone who has just started.
  2. Network with other chefs and restaurant owners to build connections. Connections can help you move up the career ladder faster. Talk to other chefs, meet restaurant owners and attend industry events to interact with others in your area. This helps you build relationships with people who can help your career. [11]
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    • When you are at an event with served food, ask to speak to the chef.
    • Talk to the people you meet during training.
  3. Move restaurants to build your knowledge and get better positions. Don't expect to spend your entire career at the same restaurant. Instead, you probably need to switch restaurants to continue your upward career path. Be constantly looking for new positions and apply for jobs that help you reach your goal of becoming a chef. [12]
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    • For example, if you work as a line cook, apply for a sous chef job at other local restaurants.
  4. Take a job as a sous chef to learn the skills of chef chef. A sous chef works directly under a chef who helps you build your skills and your resume. Look for a job as a sous chef when you have become a line cook. Plan to work in this position for at least 1-3 years before moving up to a chief chef position. [13]
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    • Typically, you already have the knowledge and skills required to be a chef when you take a sous boss position. But you may not have the kitchen experience and the skill level to be a chef, yet, as you get as a sous chef.
  5. Rise to the position of head chef when a position is available. Once you have reached the position of sous chef, look for opportunities to become a chef. Keep track of restaurant openings and career paths for the head chefs in your area. Network to meet potential job contacts who can help you get your own kitchen. When a job opens, contact the restaurant owner or hiring manager and offer them to show them your skills. [14]
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    • It can take several years for you to become a chef. [19659012] Making friends in the restaurant industry is the best way to get your work noticed. Be nice to everyone you meet because you never know who can help you reach your ultimate goal of being a chef.

[ Edit ] Sample Cover Letter

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[ Edit ] Tips

  • Check out culinary programs at the community colleges in your area. More and more schools offer night classes, certificate programs and full culinary degrees.
  • Be nice to everyone in the kitchen. Dishwashers, waiters and guests you meet today may open the hot new fusion restaurant tomorrow.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment in the kitchen! You may have some failures, but you will also learn new skills.
  • Have more people try your dishes. What tastes right to you may be too spicy or salty for some.
  • Some culinary schools do not require a kitchen experience, so do not feel that you can not pursue a career as a chef if you have not worked in a restaurant. [15]

[ Edit ] Warnings

  • Be careful when handling knives as it is easy to cut yourself.
  • You will probably work long hours as a chef, which will probably include holidays and weekends. This may not be so much if you love your job, but it can be difficult if you don't like working as a chef.

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