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How to approach a publisher

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Approaching a publisher and trying to get your work published can at once be the most exciting and nerve-wracking time for all aspiring writers.

It may be the most important point where years of work turn into something that pays you money when you are published, or it can result in heart and grief and rejection when no one is interested. You still have the pride to have created a book, but in the first place no one has bought from you.

Remember that the publishers can literally get hundreds of manuscripts a day, especially the big houses.

Therefore, to ensure that you give yourself the best chance when sending to a publisher, you need to. Here are some simple tips for you:


1; include a short letter, no more than a few, that simply sets the stage for who you are, the book's genre, the target audience.

that the manuscript is written in an easy-to-read font as arial perhaps. Also, make sure it's as flawless as you can get it. Consider having that proof read before submitting it.

Finally, your synopsis may be what makes or breaks the book rather than the manuscript itself. Therefore, you may pay particular attention to writing this accurately and clearly in 200 words or less, making it attractive so that the reviewer wants to actively read the book to find out what is happening!

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