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How to apply vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers, also known as decals, are fun ways to decorate your window, car, laptop and other sturdy surfaces. First wipe down the surface you choose to get rid of dirt and dust. After peeling off the backing paper, place the sticker on a dry or wet surface, depending on your personal preference. Once you have put the sticker in place, peel off the transferred paper as a nice touch.


[[[[Edit]Prepping the Surface

  1. Make sure your desired sticker location is available. Use a room-specific thermometer to check how hot or cold your car, window, or other sticker is on an average day. Ideally, you do not want the environment to be too hot or too cold, or that the vinyl sticker may not follow properly. While your space does not have to be this exact temperature, try to keep it in a cool area.[1]
    Apply Vinyl Stickers Step 1.jpg
    • If your garage or home gets particularly cold or hot for an extended period of time, you may want to consider placing your sticker elsewhere.
  2. Wipe and wipe the area where you want to place your sticker. Take a cloth or water-cleaned towel and remove dust, wax and debris from the surface of your car, window or other transparent area. Try to get the area as smooth and clean as possible so that no dust or dirt sticks to your vinyl sticker later. If the area is particularly dirty, add a pea amount of delicate soap to your damp towel to make the surface squeaky clean.[2]
    • If your desired sticker area already looks clean, give it away quickly.
    • Try to use soap that is “sensitive” on the label.
  3. Spray the surface with soapy water to adjust your sticker later. Create a blurred water mixture by mixing a pea amount of soft soap in a spray bottle filled with warm water. After mixing the soap in the spray bottle, spray the solution over the desired sticker surface.[3]
    • You only need a small amount of soap to blur the water.
    • If you apply the vinyl sticker “dry”, you do not have to worry about spraying the area at all.

[[[[Edit]Secure the sticker

  1. Peel off the support band on the sticker. Use your thumb and forefinger to tilt the baking paper from the surface of the sticker. When peeling off the paper, pinch the vertical edges of the sticker with your opposite hand. When the back paper is completely removed, hold the sticker with your thumb and forefinger on each hand.[4]
    • Avoid touching or holding the back of the vinyl sticker, as your fingerprints will make the sticker look dirty and sloppy.
    • It is difficult to arrange a sticker when you hold it at the center.
  2. Squeeze the vertical edges of the vinyl sticker as you place it down. Continue to hold the sticker securely when placing it on a wet or dry surface. First try applying the center of the sticker and then press the outer edges of the vinyl sticker into place. Aims to do this in a fluid movement to prevent the formation of air bubbles.[5]
    Apply Vinyl Stickers Step 5.jpg
    • If you apply your sticker on a dry surface, make sure it is positioned and angled correctly. Once the vinyl is in place, you cannot adjust it easily.
    • If you are applying your sticker on a wet surface, use your fingers to press and adjust the edges of the vinyl to the desired position.
  3. Squeeze out any air bubbles with a squeegee or credit card. Take a flat, curved object and press it in a smooth line along the surface of the sticker. Consistently move your scraper, credit card or other tool and use even pressure as you go from edge to edge. Focus on areas that have air bubbles, so the sticker looks even.[6]
    Apply Vinyl Stickers Step 6.jpg
  4. Heat curved vinyl stickers with a hair dryer so that they stick. Do not be discouraged if your sticker does not adhere properly to a curved edge or surface, such as a car bumper. Turn a hair dryer or heat gun to a low setting and drive the unit several inches or inches across the surface of the sticker. During the added heat, use your squeegee, credit card, or other flat tool to help the sticker apply correctly to the curved edge.[7]
    • Do not use a high heat setting for this – you just want to stretch and expand the vinyl, not melt it.
  5. Peel off the last layer of transfer tape. Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch and remove the outer layer of the sticker, which looks like a strip of opaque masking tape. Pull off the transfer paper until you have completely removed it from the sticker.[8]
    • Do not worry if your vinyl sticker comes with the transfer paper. Use your squeegee, credit card, or other flat tool to push the sticker back onto the surface.

[[[[Edit]Things you need

  • Baby wipe (optional)
  • Towel or cloth
  • Water
  • Delicate soap
  • Spray bottle (optional)
  • Squeegee or credit card
  • Blue dryer or heat gun (optional)


  • If you placed a vinyl sticker on a vehicle with a “wet” application, try waiting a day before driving around with your new decor. This waiting time helps the vinyl sticker to stick to the car or truck.[9]


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