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How to add a search engine to the Firefox search bar

This step-by-step guide shows you how to add a search engine to the Firefox search bar.

With the help of a great Firefox extension, Search Engines Helper, you can add any search box to your Firefox search box. It is an open source extension and you can find the source code here on GitHub if you wish.

  1. Start by installing the Search Engines Helper Firefox extension.
  2. install a Firefox extension

  3. Click on the newly added one Search Engines Helper the icon (a magnifying glass, see screenshot below) that is now in your Firefox menu bar. Then select Add a new search engine alternative.
  4. a new icon in the Firefox toolbar

  5. Now you need to add three things – a search address, a name of your search engine and the location of an icon / logo to be used. The easiest way to determine the search URL is to run a search on the site you want to add. In my case, I used the search engine here at simplehelp.net. I searched for the word “Firefox” which resulted in the URL of: https://www.simplehelp.net/?s=firefox

    I copied that URL to the Search URL field in the Search Engines configuration window, but replaced the word “firefox” with a % s variable. If I wanted to add a Google Canada search to my Firefox search box, I would use the URL https://www.google.ca/search?q=%s

    Enter a name for your search engine in Search name field. Add the URL to a logo or icon to be displayed with that search. One way to find a URL to use is to look at the HTML source on the web page and quickly search for the words LOGO or icon – then copy the URL to URL Icon field. When you are done, click Add search engine button.

  6. add a custom search engine to Firefox

  7. At this point a new tab opens. Click on “3 dots” Sidhandlingar the button (see screenshot below) is found at the end of the URL bar in Firefox. Select from the menu that appears Add search engine
  8. Firefox page action menu

  9. When you type a phrase into your Firefox search box, a new icon will appear – the search engine you just added. If you select that icon, Firefox will run a search using the Custom Search Engine instead of the default.
  10. Firefox search bar with a newly added search engine

  11. If you open the Firefox settings and select search you can make your newly added search engine the standard used by Firefox.
  12. set up a default search engine in Firefox

  13. In the same thing search Settings allows you to move your recently added search engine up or down the ordered list.
  14. more Firefox search settings

  15. Other than the simplehelp.net search (clue), two other useful search engines to add are Gmail and Google Calendar. This way, you can search your email or calendar events without having a Gmail or calendar window open (even if you need to be signed in to each service).
  16. To add more search engines to Firefox, just repeat steps 2-4. That’s all!

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