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How to act at an audition

Whether you’re rehearsing a TV show, a musical or a choir, an audition is the annoying first step in getting the part you want. Knowing how to act in an audition can be tough, especially if you have not tried so much before. You can show off your skills and make a good impression on the cast crew by staying safe and accepting criticism gracefully.


[[[[Edit]Make a good first impression

  1. Dress in comfortable clothes that you can move around in. When you are at an audition, you want to be able to walk around, say your lines and be comfortable without adjusting your clothes. Pick out some nice pants, a fitted shirt and some boots or sneakers that you feel good to wear for your audition. Keep colors muted and neutral so you do not distract from your performance.[1]
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    • Do not wear anything that may be a suit, or it may distract from your performance.
    • If you are going to a dance rehearsal or somewhere, you need to move your body more, wear comfortable training clothes in solid colors.
    • If the casting crew wants you to have a specific outfit, the audition information will specify it.
  2. Pack some water and some snacks. Auditions can take a long time, especially if you have to wait for others. Bring a small backpack or bag with a water bottle and some granola bars if you get hungry. That way, you feel best when it’s time for your audition.[2]
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    • Try not to bring anything too heavy to eat, otherwise it may make you tired.
    • Auditions take time, and sometimes the crew runs behind. Bring enough food and water to stay hydrated and full for at least a few hours.
  3. Bring your resume and headshots to hand out. Even if you have already submitted your resume and headshots, it is always nice to bring some extras for you. That way, if someone needs a copy of your information or if you meet a new potential director, you can give them your information right away.[3]
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    • The crew may also need a physical copy from you when you enter, so it’s always good to be prepared.
  4. Introduce yourself to other auditions. You can have a little break before your own audition where you can meet others who are trying for your same part. Please talk to them to show that you are kind and willing to get to know other people.[4]
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    • Some people may not want to talk to you because of nerves or stage fright, and that’s okay.
    • You do not have to talk to others if you do not want to, especially if you are trying to prepare for your own audition. Try to smile at people to let them know you are friendly.
  5. Enter with your head held high. Your first impression is extremely important, and most people will judge you within the first 15 seconds they see you. Keep your head high, walk long distances and be prepared to shake the director’s hand as you enter.[5]
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    • If you do not act safely, the cast may not believe in your actors.
  6. Keep a smile on your face so that your personality shines. People are more likely to warm you up if you seem to be a nice and friendly person. Try to smile at each member of the casting crew as you enter to let them know that you are happy to be here.[6]
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    • If you look good or look like you’re forced to audition, you do not seem like a good actor to work with.
  7. Get in touch with everyone in the room. Eye contact is the best way to show that you are safe and excited to be there. Keep your eyes even and try to look at everyone to get in touch with them as soon as you enter.[7]
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[[[[Edit]Shows your skills

  1. Introduce yourself and what to do. Your introduction is also called your “slate”, and this is the first time the casting crew has heard you speak. Speak loud and clear as you state who you are and what you are going to do today.[8]
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    • Try saying something like “Hi everyone, I’m Violet Hansen, and I’ll read part of Gretel today” to an actor.
    • You can also say, “Hi everyone, I’m Daniel Grace and I’m going to dance to the soundtrack from The Nutcracker” for a dance test.
    • If you have any questions, you can also ask the director right now.
  2. Perform your piece with confidence. Whether you are reading lines, singing a song or dancing, you have probably practiced over and over again to get ready for this moment. Remember all the hard work you put into this piece and show the cast that you really want this part.[9]
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    • Try not to have any regrets after your audition. You only get one chance, so get it counting!
  3. Continue if you make a mistake. With the pressure of all the people in the room, it can be easy to get dazzled or skip a line by mistake. If you move, just keep going! Paying attention to your mistakes makes them seem worse than they actually are.[10]
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    • A mistake that seems big to you may not even be noticeable to the rest of the people in the room.
  4. Wait for instructions or feedback when you are done. When your performance is over, the casting crew may need to talk to each other before talking to you. Try to be safe and calm while you wait, and keep your face neutral or aroused so that you look eager.[11]
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[[[[Edit]Leaving the audition

  1. Accept direction or criticism gracefully. Once you have completed your audition, the cast can give you directions and ask you to perform again, or they may reject you immediately. Try to accept all feedback you receive with grace, even if you do not agree with it.[12]
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    • For example, the casting director may say, “Try reading your lines with more sadness and less anger this time.”
    • Or they may say, “Your song was great, but can you try to make more enthusiasts this time?”
  2. Try not to ask lots of questions. If you get some criticism or feedback that you do not understand, try not to question the casting about it. The more you accept your feedback without comment, the easier you seem to work with.[13]
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  3. Thank you casting crew for their time. When you are done with your performance, thank the casting crew for getting a sample today. This will leave a nice impression on them as it shows that you think their time is valuable.[14]
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    • The nicer you are with the casting crew, the more likely it is that you will get some.
  4. Wait until the casting crew calls you. Now comes the hard part: waiting. It is important to let the cast crew call you, not the other way around. If you constantly come in contact with the crew or the director, you are less likely to get involved because you seem anxious and eager.[15]
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    • Crew crews are usually very busy, so they do not have time to make your call every day. When they are ready to inform you about your part, they will get in touch with you.


  • It is normal to feel nervous, especially if you have not done many auditions yet.
  • Try to go to an audition without any expectations to take the pressure off yourself.


  • If you do not take criticism well, you may think that you are not a good actor to work with.

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