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Hot Topics: Walkway Driveway Connection

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Original post: Need walkway advice

Jwdiy ̵

1; Member

We've done this job by a paving / landscaping company for our entrance and I'm not sure what to do about it.

The first picture is what we asked for and the following pictures are what we got. We were told that the walkway does not meet the driveway because the step up to the next step would be too high, the slope etc.

They said they have 40 years of experience. We never told them that we would accommodate the driveway. Can I get an opinion on this result from some people with experience out there? It was not cheap. Thanks in advance.

  a stone walkway leading to a front door

 a stone walkway that uncomfortably connects to a driveway

 a stone walkway uncomfortably connecting to a driveway

 a stone walkway inconvenient connection to a driveway

marksr Forum topic Moderator [19659006Whatexactlyistheslope-heightandheight?

aka pedro Member

Unfortunately, it appears that the driveway has a hump in the worst possible location, so the transition from the sidewalk to the driveway was a tough call.

But it also looks, and it's hard to say from an image so you have to measure it, the ascent from the sidewalk to the fist step is something about an inch smaller than the ascent from the second step to the porch, so if so case and assuming the slope from the stairs to the driveway could be maintained, the entire sidewalk should be so much lower, which would not eliminate the step, but would improve the transition at the driveway.

Marq1 Member

I can understand the need to maintain step heights and slope, but pouring a lump of cement and just leaving it is questionable.

I have been given steps to go to a driveway that was not uniform, which never presented a step issue but still that lump is a mess that needs to be cleaned!

stickshift Group Moderator

While you will never get what you show someone in a picture, it looks bad and I would not pay for it.

Jwdiy Thread Starter

Had to go home to measure. Its beautiful level, looks like three degrees and the length is six feet. The upper step is one inch higher than the lower step. Does it change anything? I do not understand why it could not meet the level of the driveway but the cement at the top, which is already cracking (and a stone is a little loose).

Marq1 Member [19659006] Again, you need to maintain consistent step heights so that it dictates where the walkway should be closed (account for slope as well) but you now say that a step goes by an inch, and that is loose and cracking.

I would say that their 40-year experience did not go away.

Also, it looks bad, I can't believe anyone just left what looks like it's completely unfinished!

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Have you paid them yet?

They may have 40 years in the industry but their work really does not show expertise!

Jwdiy Thread Starter

We paid because we were in the middle of having twins and I had no time to show pictures around and get opinions and they said things like "the cement needs to be covered in dirt "actually here is what they wrote:

" We raised the walk higher at the driveway to make the slope smaller

We couldn't lower it anymore near the door because it would make the first step to high [19659035] it's about the right height. "

I'm in contact with them now that the guy stopped by to take a look. I've never done a walkway so didn't know it . I'll call them. What in the quotes above does not make sense specifically?


aka pedro Member

"I don't understand why it couldn't meet the level of the driveway."

I do not think that a continuous connection between the walkway and the driveway is possible because, as I mentioned before, it seems that you have an unwanted hump in the driveway right there. So it would be (or should have been) a matter of choosing the height at the driveway where you want the walkway to be.

I probably would have said to match the walkway to the highest possible point on the driveway, ie. at the top of that hump, so that water flowing from the walkway continues to flow down to the driveway.

"The upper step is one inch higher than the bottom step."

Okay, so that's pretty much what I said it looked like, in which case it looks like the entire walkway should be one inch lower, which would make your steps more equal and would put the end of the walkway at the driveway at about the top of the hump, right where I am thinking I would like it.

The walkway's outer edges would still be about an inch taller than the driveway, but it is something you would have to deal with having a stone walkway that cannot be shaped to match the driveway.

In summary, I would say, at least in my opinion, except that I do not exhibit The Best Execution, the entire walkway is about an inch taller than it should be.

Norm201 Member

I can't speak from any expertise, but I expected the edges to be squared. And for a better look, the edges may have been exposed to the same stone as the walking surface. This looks bad!

Jwdiy Thread Starter

Not sure what you mean by the hump, the driveway is pretty flat next to the walkway maybe it's an optical illusion in the picture.

I think the walkway was built with a slight slope and to make it more sloping to better meet the level of the driveway (not the cake cement at the top of the driveway) would give rain the chance to float off the walkway, no?

In addition, cement on the sides of the walkway cannot be covered with dirt as they said, since dirt must be tilted very high up and cover all the stones and wood and still it would be a thin layer if you did not redress the whole landscape.

Jwdiy Thread Starter

Okay, I see what you mean by bumps, the tarmac is slightly bumpy, half the driveway touching the walkway is a little higher (less than an inch difference). So if the walkway met the higher part of the driveway it would still look like it meets the driveway and is not cemented on top of it.

 a walkway connecting to a driveway

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