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Hot topics: short crane lines

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Original post: Crane lines are too short

pporto_22 ̵

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My wife bought a crane from IKEA that has water lines that I believe are permanently attached to the crane. There is really no way to tell. Although they are not, it is a pain in the ass to try to deal with IKEA, and in any case I would prefer not to touch them. And I really don't want to spend time changing the existing pipeline. Is there any problem with putting something in place to extend the tap's water lines? What would be the way to do it?

ray2047 Member

Post a picture of the crane and the ends of the lines. You should be able to extend them with new supply lines or connect to your existing delivery lines, but we need to know if they are ½ "male pipe thread or what.

Handyman663 Member

As Ray said, you should Having said that I, after a couple of experiences with IKEA pipe materials, would stick to furniture.

Furd Member

A few years ago I installed a new kitchen faucet for a friend The connected pipelines on the crane were not long enough to reach the shut-off valves so I had to add regular flexible hoses for crane installations. To connect the new hoses and the crane hoses I had to use the standard 3/8 inch compression joints, throw away the nuts and sleeves and use only the union member.

pporto_22 Thread Starter

Here are pictures. t to my 3/8 "valves. I only wish they were about 8 inches longer.

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