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Hot Topics: Dryer Burning Smell

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Original entry: Whirlpool dry-burning burning smell at the end of the cycle

hcliffe Member

I was away for about eight days. When I got home I put a load in the dryer. When I pressed start, I heard a strange sound when it started for about 1

-2 seconds, like it was pulling. The bike went well to the end, including the humidifier. When I walked into the laundry room I could smell a burning smell. All clothes were dry and fine. I tried to start the dryer again, would not start. Disconnected for five minutes, still would not start.

I took off the front cover, removed the front of the fan. Cleaned fluff etc. but not so bad. Remove the hose from the back and inspect the pipe that goes into the dryer and duct that goes out of the house. Neither had much build-up.

Turned on the dryer again and it started ok again with that noise at startup. During the cycle I heard a few screaming sounds for a few seconds. The cycle ended in the same way as before. Finished well, but had a burning smell. I did not notice any burning smell while it was running, right at the end.

I suspect it may be the belt. Maybe it's loose / worn, which causes that sound at startup, then the burning smell and the screaming. Could it also be the idle disc? Maybe the roller bearings? Should I replace all of the above?

But if it is the belt, would I think I would smell burning the whole bike, not just at the end? All help is appreciated.

The model number is: GEW9868KQ0, it is about 20 years old.

pugsl Forum Topic Moderator

Noise was probably a moaning noise. Needs an engine.

joecaption Member

My guess would be the belt.

Easy to check the pulleys when the belt is released to double check.

When you start the drum will become more difficult to swing, as the belt gets hot it becomes softer.

hcliffe Thread Starter

Thanks for your posts. I also wondered about the engine. I guess I'll start with the belt and see if it does the trick.

As for the pulleys, I guess check them out, remove the belt and they should just swing by hand without noise or wobble? [19659005] hcliffe Thread Starter

Here is a picture of the inside. The engine has a lot of fluff on it. Any chance that the feather alone is causing my problem?

<img data-srcset = "https://cimg0.ibsrv.net/cimg/www.doityourself.com/660x300_85-1/476/dryer-with-burning-smell-582476.jpg 660w, https://cimg0.ibsrv.net/cimg/www.doityourself.com/320x320_85-1/476/dryer-with-burning-smell-582476.jpg 320w, https://cimg0.ibsrv.net/cimg/www .doityourself.com / 375x375_85-1 / 476 / dryer-with-burning-smell-582476.jpg 375w, https: //cimg0.ibsrv.net/cimg/www.doityourself.com/425x425_85-1/476/dryer- with-burning-smell-582476.jpg 425w "alt =" dusty dryer that creates a burning odor