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Chalk paint is a special finish that is usually used on wooden furniture. The big appeal? No sanding or stripping of old paint is required. Lime paint is also flexible enough to cover almost anything (including surfaces such as glass) and with so little preparatory work, it is required that it is easy to see why people love it so much.

The disadvantage of chalk paint often comes in the form of a price tag. Popular brands like Magnolia Home, or the chalk-color legend Annie Sloan, can give you back about forty dollars for a quarter, as of this writing. And although chalk can paint far, it can still be expensive to tackle a large project. Chalk color can also be limiting in terms of colors, which has made people learn to mix their own.

commercial paint cans and brushes

Not all chalk paints DIY recipes are created equal, and not all DIY chalk paints will cover in the same way as the main brand of chalk paint. With that said, many chalk canvases cover well and can be used to refine furniture, finish a fun DIY or even give a facelift on tiles and glass.

As with all chalk paint, you want to varnish or wax over the top of your paint. The fine matte finish of a chalk paint can be maintained with a chalk paint wax or a gloss can be added with your favorite varnish.

Recipe one for chalk color

For this first recipe you need one cup of latex paint, four tablespoons of calcium carbonate, one tablespoon of talc and water. It is important that your chalk color is really smooth (do not ask us about the chalk color cradle disaster of twenty seventeen). To get this recipe really easy, we recommend that you go to a store and grab an old blender to mix your color in. You can also invest in an old sieve while you are there to sift your color with after mixing .

calcium carbonite powder in a pile and a teaspoon

Start with a latex paint of your choice, in a matte or eggshell finish, and place it in the blender. Then add all the other ingredients and mix for three to five minutes. When it comes to adding water, add as much or as little as you want. The color thickness is preference. Even with purchased chalk paint, you may need to add water to get the paint thin enough to spread well, so make your DIY chalk paint in a thickness that works for you.

Once you have mixed, sift if necessary and paint with an angled brush.

Two recipes for chalk color

This simple recipe only includes latex paint, plaster in pairs and water. It is the simplest DIY chalk color and is a great recipe to use if you are on the fence to make your own color. Mix one third of a cup of drywall pairs with one third cup of water. Mix really, really well. When the mixture is fine and even, add a cup of latex paint with a matte or eggshell finish.

hand scooping plaster of paris from a bucket

You can also use a strainer for this recipe so that you remove all unmixed pieces of plaster by couples that may leave ugly fragments on your project. Using room temperature in your drywall in pairs also helps eliminate pieces.

When everything is mixed, you do not need to let it sit. You can get the right to paint.

Chalk color tips

hand paint a wooden surface with chalk paint

Whether you want to refinish a cabinet or give some outdoor furniture a facelift chalk color can go a long way when used properly. The best way to approach chalk paint is to apply many thin coats. Chalk paint dries quickly, which means that it does not take much time to apply several coats.

It is also important that you use good, new brushes. Angled brushes work well with chalk paint, but you can also buy a chalk paint-specific brush. You can also use a sponge brush to get the color in small areas. Chalk paint can show small brush strokes depending on the color, so be sure to use uniform strokes.

And finally, be sure to add some water to the chalk paint to make the application a little softer. You can also use a water bottle to mist your paint when applying it. This will help you get a nice, even finish.

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