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Halloween football protection: 7 steps

Hello, welcome. I see that you are interested in doing this fantastic football shoe. Let's get into it. I started doing some interviews to know what our users wanted to see in their chunk. At first I wanted to make a shoe but I changed the idea to a lump. Here are some of the questions I asked: "If you had a chance to get a painter to paint your shoe or dress a scary movie character, what character would it be and why?" I got a lot of good answers and most of them wanted old scary movie characters I never knew about but some kids told me they would like The Joker and I was excited because it was a very good idea. I asked a kid this question "Which scary character scares you the most? And he said Pennywise (clown of the movie IT). When I saw which character I would choose, I wanted to choose the famous ones that most people know, IT and the Joker. My next step was to do drivers and restrictions. Do things that a user wants in their attire (Drivers) and what challenges will make the user happy (Restrictions). I wanted it to be creative, unique, inexpensive and scary but it is very difficult to make a cleat spooky so I wasn't really focused on doing the scary part. The challenges were that I had to make a design that has not been done before by anyone so the user would wear it was unique. to paint on so it can look even and cool. Our ultimate goal was to paint well enough for the user to like it with brushes and if I wasn't b Then the project would be a disaster, and then I started sketching. I sketched a shoe with the Joker theme on it so I would know what it would look like but since I switched from a shoe to a clamp I imagined that the drawing of the shoe in the paper was a drawing of a clamp with the same theme. I was going to draw a lot of sketches but I just wanted to focus on one that was kind of my mistake because I only had one idea sketched out of all the ideas I could have made. I hope that as you follow the steps you will be successful in making your clothes. Before you do this, you must promise to color when the color is dropped when you hit the ball (it sucks but it is part of painting rocks) or maybe you can put it as decoration in your room or house.

Supplies: [1
9659003] -Testing cleat (optional)

-Plastic Dip color white (optional)

-Sharpies (different colors) (If you choose to use a Testing cleat)

-Paint ( colors black, yellow, red, green, purple, white and more if you want to add other things)

-Paintbrush (Small and medium brush size)

-The final cleat. The ones I used: light red Nike Phantom VSN academy cleats (You can use other but no leather dresses)


-Masking tape


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