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Gravity Pet Feeder Using PVC Pipes: 4 Steps

It can be more simple,

You have 5 parts,

  • Top end cap
  • Long Pipe
  • 90 degree fitting
  • Short Pipe
  • Lower end cap

For the short pipe you need to cut 50mm or 2 inches from the original pipe to make a pipe between the 90 degree fitting and the lower end cap . ] Glue the three parts together.

Important Reminder !!!

Glue the three last part together with PVC glue because we are cutting them apart after gluing to make the feeder mouth.

You don't need to glue the long pipe and the top end cap for ease of cleaning in the future.

But if you want, you can glue the long pipe to the 90 degree fitting

NEVER glue the TOP END CAP , that is where you are going to fill the pet food.

Make sure the glue is set (usually 4-5 minutes) before proceeding to the next step.

Then, make a 90 degree cut like in the picture using a mouth of the pet feeder.

Make sure the burr the edges as you made the cut so the excess PVC plastic is eaten by the cats.

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