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Wreaths have been a classic winter decoration in many parts of the world for thousands of years. This year, you can try to put a twist on the timeless craft by making mini ornaments in the same style. These colorful items are perfect for picking up front door collage, winter jackets, mailboxes, Thanksgiving tables, Christmas trees or holiday gifts.

Step 1 – Getting Started

There are several standard types of wreath bases – grapevine, straw and foam. Wine and straw are both cheap to source and good for the environment. If you are a gardener and have strong vines in the garden, you may already have these materials at hand. Instead of composting them, why not turn them into a source of rejoicing?

  a colorful wreath made with vines and berries

Step 2 – Apply ribbon

Depending on the holiday, choose some colored ribbon (orange and / or gold for Halloween and Thanksgiving, red or green for Christmas, etc.). A smart look is to wrap it all the way around the wreath and leave about an inch between the strings, creating angled stripes like a candy cane. At the top of the wreath, cut a band and tie it tightly around the base, then use the extra band to create a narrow bow. This is what you will use to hang the ornaments.

Step 3 – Attaching decorations

This is the creative part so there are no specific rules to follow. You can use clear glue, perhaps from a hot glue gun or a basic needle and thread to attach decorations. You may want to keep your back free from decor so that when placed against a door, window or sheath, it will be in line with the surface.

  Pink Flower Wreath

Decoration materials may include natural elements such as holly or spruce twigs, autumn colored leaves, acorns or small pinecones, miniature cutouts of holiday items such as pumpkins, brooms, or even small hand-packed gifts. You can also use a variety of fresh, dried or silk flowers to add color and texture. Hobby and craft shops are good places for mining for potential items, pharmacies tend to stock holiday material on a seasonal basis, and dollar stores can be a creative treasury.

If you create wreaths that can be used as decor for a Christmas gift package, you can do these with the same steps as for a hanging ornament. With these, the ornament is an extra gift to accompany the wrapped gift. These wreaths can be created with a theme, such as any red or gold ribbon marked with greenery, gold bells and a miniature Santa or a pure glued on the inner base.

Step 4 – Fragrance

For an optional, cheery boost, you can use a seasonal potpourri, such as pumpkin spice, cinnamon and mulberries. Gently glue several pieces of potpourri to the wreath between and between the other decorations. If you plan to keep the ornaments for use again, the potpourri pieces can be replaced at any time as the scent begins to diminish.

 a vine wreath on a table with thread and pale yellow roses

Step 5 – Final Touches

When the ornament is created, give it a quick overview and fill in all the open spaces with additional decorations. If any glue appears, add a small dab and cover it with a decoration or some potpourri. Place the wreaths on a flat surface, such as a table or countertop, and allow them to dry thoroughly.

Step 6 – Keep Wreaths

When a holiday is over, you want to store the ornaments so that they are not damaged. Use the same packaging process as you would for breakable Christmas ornaments like glass bulbs. A good way to wrap mini wreaths is to wrap each wreath in tissue and place it in a sturdy box with a tight fitting lid. You can stack tissue-packed wreaths with an extra layer of tissue in between.

Safety Warning: If you do not have a special, child-safe model, do not allow children to use a glue gun, as the tip is very hot and can cause burns.

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