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Football bed: 10 steps

Introduction: After knowing a lot of obligations for not building my third son a bed (as I had done for my former two sons), and after searching the web for a cool football bed and not finding one, I decided to do one. He is really great at football and loves to play goalie. So it only made sense that I make a bed that he basically sleeps in a meal. I also wanted it to be raised in the case. This is a super-light project.

Materials you need:

4 – 4 & # 39; x 8 & # 39; sheet of MDF.

6 bolts and nuts

PVC pipe

Wood Glue

PVC glue



Wood filler

Tools you need:

Table saw [1

9659004] Chop Saw

Brad Nailer

Tape measure

Paint Brush / roller

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