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Fabulous calligraphy: 9 steps

In this manual, we will make carefully decorated letters in one hour or less! Minimal artistic talent is required as long as you are willing to compensate with patience. Maintain yourself during a dry presentation, decorate your diary, or add some bling to the next letter you send. Whatever the case, everyone can use calligraphy in their lives!

Let's do a whole alphabet! This will be FABULOUS!


The supplies for this project are quite simple. You need:

  • Gelpen : If you don't want to try to make a big letter with a marker, a gel pen will give you the most polished look.
  • Daddy
  • Possibly a ruler : I do not use a ruler when I draw these but you may need one if you want!
  • Pen and eraser is a bit busy or cannot pull directly :).
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