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Excavation kit (educational, DIY, for children): 5 steps (with pictures)

A really simple and cheap recipe for young paleontologists : an excavation kit full of surprises. Just take an A4 box, plaster with paris, sand, water, some toys to plow under. You will give the children hours of fun and learning with only 30 minutes of preparation (plus 4-6 hours of drying).

The mixture is slightly foamy, somewhat stiff and not very sandy. Easy for them to dig . Since the fun happens inside the box, there is not much risk of ending up with a mess at home.

Check out the steps below 👇👇👇

This is an idea that originated after a few talks in the Seville Maker Society, the manufacturer's space in Seville, Spain. Also based on other similar experiences, you can check out YouTube.


  • A4 box
  • Plastic bag
  • 500 g plaster of Paris
  • 500 g plain sand
  • 500 g water [1
    9659007] Toys, to plow under. Dinosaurs may be suitable.
  • Something to decorate the top.
  • Small wood tools for digging and brushing.

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