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Dust Cycle Cart: 11 steps

To attach the shop to the cyclone I went with 2 "PVC pipes. I did it for two reasons. First I didn't have an extra hose and secondly I felt as if this one would be cleaner and less grouped because I would not have another hose that flopped around. So I cut my PVC in lengths that worked for me based on the location of my shop's inlet and the location of the bike's top. These measurements will be different for you if you use a different shopvac than min. I did the perfect length of the tube, even by trial and error, I was sure to cut long and then mount them, check the fit and cut further as needed, and finally you need a long vertical section of pipe you will connect to a 90 degree long bow, a shorter horizontal section connected to another 90 degree elbow, and finally a very short vertical pipe length, which creates the up and down "J" shape needed for is to reach up and over the top of the cyclone. In this way, I glued my parts of PVC together with epoxy to maintain good suction.

My Dust Deputy Deluxe came with this 90 degree hose adapter. It fits with friction into my shop inlet.

I then attached the entire assembly in the trolley with two rubber connectors 2 ". These were perfect for this application.

I adjusted the supplied pipe straps to attach the bottom of the hose adapter.

I repeated the same on top of cyclone.

BAM! A dust piston completed and ready for action. I just attached my shopvac hose to the inlet on the side of the cyclone.
I really love this add-on to my store. filter bag inside the store, this is a dust transmitter, nothing goes past it and my store air is so much cleaner. I find it easy to roll around my shop on the 3 "wheels and it fits in less than 2 square meters so that I easily can stop it somewhere out of my way when I don't need it.

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