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Drill Press Conversion to Brushless Setup: 10 steps

To test the drill press, we charged the batteries and started testing. Previously, the drilling press could not start spinning when we turned the switch, but this time we just need to make the knowledge at a certain speed and the chuck starts spinning.

Compared to the previous installation which is corded induction motor so we have to stay close to the outlet but with the current installation we can work wirelessly and with predominant weight loss we can now move the drilling press around our work area according to our conviction to work.

The previous installation was not able to drill holes over 10 mm in metal plates but with the new power plant we first drilled holes up to 20 mm with the help of a step bit without problems. We then connected the hole saw with 36 mm slide and later moved to a 40 mm slide hole and the drill press seems to handle both without any problems.

With RC Car ESC, this hoverboard engine acted as an unstoppable beast. In addition to the direct drive mechanism, not only are the noise levels low but the entire mechanism's reliability has been significantly increased. We have been working with the drilling press for our upcoming project to drill a bunch of holes in metal pipes and sheets and this can last up to an hour of drilling time which is more than enough for us.

Not to mention it with new setting, we can control the speed of rotation precisely and without touching the belt and the pulls as with the previous installation.

In addition to some improvements we have planned to make, such as the upper housing, as the rotating rotor is near the head during the drilling process, so we wait for our 3D printer to be ready. In addition, we will also create a special battery pack that can give us further extended operating time and also be added with a BMS device so that we do not drop the battery pack.

Guys I hope you like this project.

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