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DIY Led Neon Sign – Daft Punk: 16 steps

I used the following neon strips for this building. They come in several colors and have amazing brightness. It is important to follow the 12V versions. They make it easy to work with and can be cut every 2.5 centimeters. Which is important for this building.

LED Neon strips 12V:

For my building I used 3 meters of blue and 3 meters of yellow. This was more than enough for my 70 centimeter tall building. You have to measure based on your reference how much length you need.


You need some wire to connect all the small LED neon strips together. You can use 24 or 22 AWG for this. I recommend that you use black for positive and negative. This makes it look much nicer on the board.


2V adapter:

You need a 12V adapter to power LED neon strips. I used a 3A. If you use less than 5 meters of LED strips, 3A will work well. If you have more you need a version with more than 3A.

In the nput connector for the 12V adapter:

You need the female connector for the adapter connector. This way you can connect the adapter to your LED neon sign.

Wood and screws:

You need some wood for the LED neon sign's backplane. I used 8mm thick MDF for this. You can also use different types of wood. You also need some screws to mount the LED strips on the wood with brackets. I used 3.5 x 9.5 mm screws for this.

Black color:

You need some black color to paint wood black. You can do this with spray paint or with plain tape. If you use MDF like me, always use a primer first.

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