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DIY Japan Cup Jr. circuit for Mini 4WD

I have designed and manufactured a course corresponding to the Japan Cup Junior Circuit mini 4-wheel drive, so I share information. Motif: I bought my first mini 4WD in life at the end of May with a nice prompt of many friends last month and now I can enjoy it with my children, but my son is a student and I find it difficult to visit the course It looks like as. The track with 3 lanes is 20,000 yen when I check it, but it seems to be less than 1000 yen if I use the material in the home improvement center, so I tried DIY with the weekend family. Note 1: The Mini 4WD is a small powered plastic model released by Tamiya Co., Ltd., with a total total of 1

70 million units from 2017, and is said to be the best-selling in Japan and also sold abroad. Mini 4WD Top Page …
By: Yohei Fukuma

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