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DIY hack with $ 4

Sometimes DIY projects can empty your wallet. If you want to save some green on your next creative endeavor, skip your local craft store and scour your local dollar store for supplies and ideas of DIY projects. Don't know where to start? Here are some opportunities to get you inspired.

first Potter

If you like plants, skip the stylish, pre-decorated pots at home furnishing stores and hit the garden in your local dollar store. Here you should be able to find terracotta pots of different sizes. Sometimes you can get sets of two or three for a dollar ̵

1; pretty much.

Grab pots, a sponge brush, acrylic paint (if the store wears it) and other fun finds that can help spice up the pot. Start by covering the pot with a solid base layer of white and release from there. You can stamp the pot with your usual ink stamps, use Mod Podge to add tinsel or hot glue to add tape or rhinestone.

 painted terracotta pots

We recommend that you start with an idea in mind. Whether you have Anthropologie inspiration, a Halloween pump pot that you want to fill with candy, or an indoor plant that needs a new home, think about the end when decorating and buying supplies. If you put a plant in the finished pot, remember that the clay absorbs some of the water you use on the plant, so decorate accordingly.

2nd Mugs

Mugs can be expensive, especially really beautiful. Go to your local dollar store and pick up a handful of white mugs. From color to glitter glue to markers, there are countless ways to decorate mugs and white mugs make a great blank slate for this project.

You can make marble mugs by adding nail polish (which can also be picked up in the dollar store) to heat water and make a marble pattern over the top of the water. Gently dip the jug into the water and set it aside to allow it to dry.

You can also decorate mugs with a fun pattern or a trendy word place with Sharpies. After decorating with Sharpie, bake the mugs in an oven for 30 minutes at 350 (F). It is important to put the mug in the oven before turning on the heat and not removing it until it has cooled completely. This helps to make sure your mug does not crack. When the mug has cooled, remove it and display it on your mug rack .

 hand painting a butterfly on a mug

3. Vases

Most dollar stores have glass vases once. Take a clear glass vase and turn it into a fun colorful accent piece in a few easy steps.

Choose the glass vase that is the right size and squeeze a good amount of color inside the glass vase. Swirl it and then turn the vase upside down, letting the color drip out and cover the inside of the vase as it does.

When the vase has stopped dripping, turn it on the right side and let it continue to dry. Add a ribbon on the outside for decor, then fill it with your favorite fake flowers or leave it as a standalone piece. Remember not to fill this type of vase with water, however – the color begins to peel off immediately. If you want to keep fresh flowers in a decorated vase, keep the color on the outside.

4th Towels

Towels can be a fun way to spice up the season's decor or revamp a boring kitchen or bathroom. The dollar store often carries towels, towels and sometimes even bath towels. Add tassels, practice your embroidery or give monogramming a while in a simple Dollar Store DIY. If you feel extra ambitious, try using tea to dye towels in different colors.

As a note, not all dollar deals are created equal. You may need to check out several dollar stores in your area to find the best one. Look at Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, 99 Cent Only Store and others. If the first thing you are looking for is a dud, don't give up. There are hundreds of dollar stores out there waiting for to save you big money .

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