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Digispark & ​​WS2812B Rainbow wheel in a box: 4 steps (with pictures)

This little project has been made around a stylish carved 10x6x5cm wooden box that I found in a store.

The best feature, which has not actually been captured by the camera, should be lit with bright, saturated colors,

Otherwise, be aware of using a rainbow effect on a narrow strip of RGB 5050 LEDs will always result in some whitish lighting, because every pixel s sits The color soon mixes with its neighbors, if you do not use any focusing lens.

The brightness of the lamp is kept somewhat constant due to an LDR: the light is on in daylight and does not become too bright if used as a night light

  • Accessories:

    List of materials:

    Skills and tools:

    • PlatformIO (running on Visual Studio Code) as IDE ̵
      1; any Arduino IDE will do the job, but
    • a solder, a solder wire and basic soldering ability
    • some wires, scissors
    • some glue, tweezers [19659009] some opaque color (to cover Digispark LED and to protect LDR from being affected by the lamp lamp)

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