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Design upgrades that support wellness

Whether you have a nine to five, morning rat, evening commute, rush home to make dinner, get the kids into football style or not, we all want to come home to a space where we can relax and take our thinking on today's STRESS. Take a holistic approach to improving your mental and physical well-being by integrating some of these design upgrades into your home.

Get Organized

It is too easy to be distracted by the things that occupy our spaces, especially when there is no place to sit. Maria Kondo has hit a big nerve in many by instructing us to get rid of things that do not make us happy. Noted. Donate to Goodwill, sell on Nextdoor or Craigslist and create enough space to get a seat so you can think. Try to organize to get hold of the mess that made you annoyed last year. Let go of things you do not need, and embrace things you love, and thus ease the strain that plagues your mind and heart.

  pure home office with natural elements [19659002] Go Au Naturel

By this we do not mean naked, but whatever you do in your own home is your business. We refer to the use of natural materials such as wood, marble and stone carvings. Wood gives a feeling of warmth and coziness, while the smoothness of the marble promotes a sense of calm. Think of indoor floors and outdoor decks, marble tiles in the bathroom, decorative paving in the garden. Look more at natural fibers like wool, cotton and linen for upholstery and accents in your home. But be careful about using too much of one thing – you don't want it to surpass the relaxing theme you are trying to achieve.

  woman meditating in minimalist room on wooden floor

Gardens, you say? How is yours growing? Gardening can be a stress-relieving activity, and there are many ways to get started if you haven't already. Scent in the garden is just one of the many benefits you can achieve with this new-found hobby, especially when you include fragrances such as lavender that promotes peace and quiet. Or, if you are the type who likes the satisfaction of saving money and having a semi-green thumb, you might consider that plants in the garden are a way to promote your sustainability and complement your grocery stores. However, incorporating nature elements into your life will be a valuable addition to your wellness.

Remodel Wisely

Don't forget the little things that can lead you to the wellness track. Sometimes, all it takes is a small change as a new color to freshen up the walls or rearrange the furniture for a more functional and comfortable installation. If you have already accomplished these things and are looking for something else to promote your sense of peace, have you considered adding a sunroom? Also called solarium or conservatory it can be a little too cold or too hot during the extreme months without any specific adjustments to the interior. During the milder months, it creates additional living space that welcomes the sun and its healing properties and can be planted to get the outside in.

If you don't have a sunroom, consider amplifying the light in your space by using large windows and white surfaces to make things feel bright and refreshing.

 clean home office and living room

Limit Toxins That Enter Home

Of course, this is easier said than done. We are exposed to pollution when we walk out the door, but there are some things we can do to limit our exposure inside. Designing an entrance where you can place your shoes and outer layers before you take them into the house can help. Choosing wooden flooring over the carpet that contains materials that can slowly release toxins into the air for a long time helps the air quality dramatically.

Making your own natural cleansers rather than buying commercial ones can reduce these toxins. If you are a gardener, you will use only organic fertilizers and banning pesticides from your garden will help many beneficial insects out there. That should make you feel good shouldn't it? Talk about well-being! And don't forget to bring in the plants to clean the air in your home.

Get up!

Who knew that sitting could be so harmful to our health? It can lead to weight gain, increased blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels, to name just a few of its health problems. We suggest that you include your home office when evaluating ways to support home well-being, such as installing a standing desk to upgrade your space, and perhaps better lighting and shelves while you are at it.

 woman at a standing desk

Create a space for you

If you succeeded with the decluttering, you might find yourself with a little extra space. Assign yourself that space (or somewhere else in your house). Space where you can sit quietly to read, meditate or just decompress after a stressful day can do wonders on the mind. Give yourself a gift, a place where you can recharge and remind yourself of what is important to you and to this world.

 healthy woman relaxing and smiling after a workout [19659002] Watch out for your world

Do this from your dedicated "You" space, or from inside your sun room. Keep those windows clean and bright so you don't feel trapped inside the room. You want to lighten your mind, don't worry about dirty windows. And keep the seats in an area that gets good light so you are prone to occupy that space rather than avoid it.

 open minimalist living room with wooden flooring

Create space for social interaction

With your furniture now rearranged in a way that provides good flow, include spaces to stay , where family and friends can relax and socialize. Exciting works of art, books or even plants can provide these hang outs and provide mental and social health for everyone involved.

Mask the Noise

Urban noise is difficult to combat and can be detrimental to a person's sleep patterns and overall mental health. Soundproofing panels installed on the walls leading to the outside and installation of better windows and window coverings can help. If that's not enough, try integrating soothing sounds to hide some of that noise pollution until that pair of noise-canceling headphones arrives.

Daily grinding can be detrimental to our mental and physical health, but there are ways that we can equip our homes to help us cope with all that stress. Are you proud of someone you've come up with? Share it with our readers in our site's project area!

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