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Custom telescope watch: 5 steps

I haven't posted an instructable in a long time; I have been busy creating custom rat bike on ratrodbikes.com. Search for me, OddJob, on the forum and you will get a taste of what I have done!

My second passion in life is music. I play guitar and violin / violin and sing in a couple of different groups.

A couple of years ago, I saw a custom Fender Telecaster on the internet with some cool upgrades, including a picker that gave it a real "country" look. It was a western style engraved piece of leather, hand tools, and it was wonderful! Since I do not have the specific tools (yet) for leather work, I recently made a trip to my local fabric store to look for alternatives.

In the steps that follow, I describe my project for creating a custom Telecaster model pickguard, as seen in the title photo of my 1

980s made in Japan Fender Telecaster.


– 1/3 m of western fabric in faux leather

– Plastic stencil gloss

– 3M Super 77 Spray adhesive:

– Sharpie

– Sharp cutting tools: scissors, box cutter

– Raw Sienna 100% acrylic paint

– Telecaster pick protection template

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