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Create Puzzle: 8 Steps

This project allows your class to design and create their own puzzle! The following projects were created with class 9 or class 10 in mind. High school students of all ages could complete the project if they knew how to use the tools needed. I think it's a little more difficult than a high school student could complete!

That said, the project will meet standard 19 of the standards of technological literature. Standard 19 is manufacturing technology. The benchmarks the project hits are benchmarks M, O and P. This standard as well as the learning objectives below will be met if you follow the steps outlined in this instructable.

Objectives for student learning:

Students will be able to apply the design process to design and produce a jigsaw saw puzzle.

Students will be able to understand the role that manufacturing plays in completing the project.

Students will be able to work individually or in groups to understand that different materials have different qualities.

Note: For this project I used dremel and roller saw to cut out my puzzle. This was effective in cutting out the pieces, but it was time consuming. If you do not have a dremel or roller saw, you can either use the laser cutter to cut directly through the plywood. Otherwise, you can your CNC router. This may make it a little less clean, but will cut through your plywood effectively.


Sanded Pine Plywood (one per twelve students) ̵

1; $ 4.85 each

2oz color bottles – $ 0.50 each. You can buy larger color sizes, but I didn't need them for my use.

My total $ 6.35 + tax.

Tools Required:

Table Saw

CNC Router Machine

One of the three: Dremel, Scroll Saw, Laser Cutter,

Estimated sum for a classroom of 24 students would be $ 19.70 + tax. This includes two sheets of plywood and $ 10 for color.

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