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Create a pen that turns spider kits from scrap: 11 steps

This tutorial is not about turning pens, but how to make your own thorn kit.

These pictures show the final assembly and together with a penline button (Streamline Pen). There are many types and styles of kits available on eBay and elsewhere.

I could have bought a basic kit including a clamping sleeve with a morning tapered No. 2 shaft (woodworking lathe) for about Aus $ 30. I would need a tapered tapered # 3 for my black handle and I already have 3 and 4 jaw chucks for my lathe that will be used to secure and spin the mandrel. You can also buy different sizes of bushings to suit the type of pen made. I have chosen to make FREE bushings of old bolts etc.

The mandrel also needs a lock nut to tighten the assembled kit to face the headstock chuck (to keep pen blanks secure while turning them down to size). [1

9659002] The mandrel itself must be a 6mm round bar that is straight (so as not to wobble when spinning) and threaded up to about 20mm at one end. Round and completely straight steel rods are found in all printers: and old printers are regularly thrown out when they cause problems.

The components needed are:

1x 6mm round bar – it must be perfectly straight. I used a bar from an old discarded Canon inkjet printer.

1x 12mm x 80mm or longer steel bolt – I saved mine from something thrown out a year or two ago

1x 25mm round steel bar – Fetched a 300mm at a local metal industry as scrap – they gave me some sizes.

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