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Small houses have a number of advantages, which is the main reason for their growth in popularity in recent years. However, one concern that individuals often have is how to set up their small home for electricity properly and efficiently. The idea of ​​doing so can be daunting, but you may be surprised to learn that managing these little neighborhoods is fairly easy.

Equipment and Materials

First, first the supplies and materials needed to run your small home for electricity .

Wire Strippers

The first important tool to have on hand is a pair of wire cutters. These are necessary for cutting wires, cutting screws and to act as pliers throughout the wiring process.

Lineman & # 39; s Pliers

This next tool is a pair of larger and heavier thread cutters. They are better at gripping the surface and can cut thicker wires. They are also effective in helping to twist several threads together.


This simple tool is needed for securing wires, installing switchboards and for other simple tasks.

  orange extension cord connected to white inner wall

Heavy outdoor extension cord

A 10 to 100 foot extension cable of 10 or 12 meters gives you direct access between the main power source and your small home throughout this process and is a necessity.


One of the basic materials needed for this is obviously wiring, which will transport the electric current through your small home .

Switchboards and switches

During this process, you need to install switchboards and switches, making it easy to control the electricity in your small home.


Outlets provide easy access to small electricity homes when installed and ready for use.


Light fixtures to be connected to the newly connected electricity in a small home is the refinement.

  charming little home with light string in natural environment

Common Tiny Home Electrical Setups

There are common configurations that give your little home the power.

30 amp RV plug

The first line setting that is common in small homes is a 30 amp RV plug or twist lock with a 120 volt input. The requirement for powering this type of wiring and power is network access with a dedicated 30 amp / 120 volt connector. If this is not available, a gas generator in the range of 4000 to 5000 watts will also suffice.

This setting is connected to a small sub-panel that uses split circuits and switches for a series of inputs. These include lighting, electronics, large-scale appliances – such as refrigerators – and other electrical needs.

This system allows the use of appliances or objects that require higher electrical power, such as a mixer or air conditioner, making it ideal for a small home to make it fully functional.

 RV socket for small home

Duplex adapter

If you are looking for an alternate wiring alternative, you can get a duplex adapter from 30 to 20 amp instead. This device downgrades your energy input needs in your small home. This is ideal for anyone working with 15 to 20 amp duplex outlets on the mains or a smaller gas generator. This is also a good alternative for those who work with a solar energy system.

Dual-feed sub-panel box

Another more flexible and versatile option for powering your small house is a dual-feed sub-panel box. How this wiring system works is that on one side there is a 15 to 20 amp duplex input between basic home electronics. Lighting, smaller electronics and larger electronics – like a refrigerator – are connected to this system and can be connected via a duplex extension cord.

The other side of this system has an extra power supply with a 20 amp duplex, 30 amp RV or 30 amp rotary lock providing the source for more heavy energy use. This will feed energy to things like a washer and dryer or your heating or cooling system. A powerful extension cord supplied from another power source outside the network or a separate network circuit is used for this wiring system.

It is quite simple and easy to set up these little home connection systems as long as you follow basic instructions and are careful about your installation.

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