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Collaborative Makey Makey Sensory Maze: 5 steps (with pictures)

After you put the background image, spend some time drafting a plan. If you create this for students, think of ways to make them jump to smell flowers or take big steps. In my drawing, I decided that they would go to the middle and then swing, walk along a zigzag path and then have to lay hands on the Twister-style track. Remember that you need two ways side by side. You basically create a giant circuit board! When players hold their hand, it is similar to how a button on a calculator is pressed to tell the brain on the circuit board which number you press. For this great creation we create only one connection. So you need a path for EARTH and a path for a KEY PRESS.

If you have students designing the maze and want to add an interesting math element, you can have them design their maze in Scratch which plots XY coordinates as they go. This can also be a fun way to let players run the Scratch booze on the computer as they walk the maze.

When you are happy with your design, use HVAC or aluminum foil tape to start creating the player paths.

Note: You want to test to see if the conductive material is self-adhesive on the tape. If it is not, you can still create the majority of your path with this large tape, but when you break the tape you want to use a contact tape with conductive adhesive sure that the whole path is conductive.

If you want to make curves and shapes with your tape, check out this video that shows how to fold and press the tape so you don't have to tear it to make interesting designs.

You will cut the tape when you get to the part where you add sensory elements, but that is why we have the second leading fabric tape to continue the path to each leading sensory element you design in the next step. (You can use copper tape with conductive adhesive or the tape that comes in the Makey Makey Inventor Booster Kit.)

If you are using HVAC or large aluminum tape, note that the edges can be very sharp! You don't want to experience a metal tape! So pay attention when using this tape. (Small copper tape also has sharp edges, but it is not as hideous as the larger band.)

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