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Coin box: 3 steps

This project is according to Simple – Kaonashi Coin Box by ChunKyuP

I change some of the things in the program that he did

the original website https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Kaonashi-Coin -Box /

I usually see a cion box in the restaurant. Some of them are just a box with a hole in it. So I think that if we could create a coin box that can collect coins in itself and that customers like it. It will be fine. So I created a coin box that could collect coins by itself, also with a neat and bright light.

The Things You Need to Prepare:


Pressure Sensor


Servo Motor (Raises Input)


3D Printer

Servo Motor

Pressure Sensor [1

9659002] Arduino Leonardo


A creative and fun way to store coins

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