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Choosing a builder abroad

Money: Overseas properties

Like all service providers, you need to be naturally careful with all builders, whether at home or abroad.

Especially abroad, however, it is important that you ask everyone you intend to hire for references to other work they have done – and then actively contact as many of these people as you can and see if they are satisfied with the work.

Why? Because you do not want any nasty surprises that would be much more time consuming in the long run than looking at examples of existing work and contacting the people who have done the work.

If you can, befriend a local who can give you advice, but be careful with too strong a recommendation, because in close-knit communities it is quite likely that the person they recommend will be a family friend, and therefore may not be the best choice for you!

Summary: Research will pay off for you in the end.

By: Fred

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