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Chocolate Candy Sticks: 6 steps

There are two ways to approach these.

The first way is to first add your toppings to the shape. This is easy because you can prepare all shapes before you even melt the chocolate so you don't have to worry about the chocolate curing too fast.

Take your molds and put in your toppings. If your toppings are too large, such as freeze-dried raspberries. If these toppings are too large, it will be difficult for the chocolate to drain down around them.

When your molds are prepared with toppings, melt your chocolate with your method of choice.

Gently spoon chocolate in candy stick shape. Take breaks and tap the shape of the counter gently to make the chocolate settle into the mold. You will probably see bubbles coming up to the surface. If they don't pop on their own, pop them.

Continue to add chocolate to the molds until they are full.

Try to level the molds as best as you can with the back of the knife. If your toppings stick out too far out of shape, it will be difficult to even out.

Let them harden. You can put them in the fridge if it is white chocolate, but if you use plain chocolate it will probably cause it to bloom and get white spots.



I prefer this method because it is lighter (just fill the molds with topping, then melt and add chocolate) and I like how the chocolate sticks look with toppings as they pop up with this method.

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