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Catnip Fortune Cookies: 6 Steps (with pictures)

For our two-week summer school, the theme is "volunteerism". So we set up activities and lessons around that theme. One of the trips we are going to take the students to is a local animal welfare to donate toys, blankets etc. to cats and dogs there. So we had to come up with some ideas about things that the students could do to donate and cat toys seemed like a no-brainer.

They are very easy to pull together quickly and a blow with cats! I used my two cats, Sushi and Stormy, as quality control and they both very well approved. Sushi likes to rub all over cat nipple toys, usually get the zoomers and then passes out. Stormy basically beats catnip toys. Kinda gross. But he gets a good exercise when he throws the toy and then chases after it. They usually end up in their water bowl.

This instructor is for cat-groomed fortune-tailing years. You can make them with a sewing machine or glue, but I decided that my students would learn to sew.



Felt / fabric

Batting / filling

circular pattern (I tracked a roll of tape on heavy paper)

Needle and thread

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