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Brighten up a windowless bathroom

Bathrooms that have no natural light sources can feel quite dark and dull. However, even in the absence of windows, there are ways to make the space feel lighter, lighter and more airy.

Fresh Paint Job

Try to brighten up with a fresh paint layer. This is a relatively simple and inexpensive measure that can do wonders to transform a space. Choose a light and / or muted shade with a high or semi-gloss finish. Don't forget to paint the ceiling. A glossy white ceiling can make a room feel both lighter and taller.

Add Light

Adding shelves for some lights, real or faux, can help turn your windowless bathroom into a cozy, romantic enclave. Fragrance candles can also refresh the scent.

  minimalist bathroom with plant, light and a bathtub

Add mirrors

Mirrors play a trick on the eyes, making some space seem more open and bright. In particular, the use of a full-length mirror can make a room appear larger and airier than it actually is, and will redirect light from other areas, enhancing this effect. Another easy way to add mirrors is through the furniture in your bathroom. If you have an accent table, make it a mirrored table.

Light bedding

Light or light bedding and accents in your bathroom can help spread it up and keep things happy. Think of towels in bright blue, yellow or pink. Or, for a more neutral path, reach for some crisp white to brighten the space. You may want to replace a white or light colored shower curtain to help your eyes open in the morning.

Use Lucite Accessories

A clear, modern material, lucite – aka acrylic glass – is a sound alternative for bathroom accessories that help the room feel less messy and more light and airy. Choose a soap dish and a toothbrush holder to increase transparency and light flow.

Adjust the light fixtures

Replace your light fixtures by turning them upwards. If you turn off the light from the ceiling, it will be a warmer, better lit space. Also, consider adding more luminaires or lamps of any kind to literally increase the brightness and choose incandescent lamps that provide the brightest light you think is nice. CFL or LED incandescent lamps with a rating of at least 3,000 K on the color temperature scale resemble more sunlight than incandescent lamps that have a dimmer, yellow glow.

  marble bathroom with large mirrors and lamps [19659002] Add horizontal light

Windows provide horizontal light, while ceiling light fixtures provide only vertical lighting. This top-down lighting tends to be less flattering. To enhance the light in the room and enhance the feeling of looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror, add a light fixture or two to the walls. There are lots of stylish models out there, so this is an upgrade that can brighten up a space while increasing its cool factor.

Add a pretend window

Although there is no way to insert a real one, it can easily create the illusion of a window in your bathroom. Place a shadow in front of an empty wall, then behind the shadow, add a cool driving light that will cast a gentle splash of lighting as the sunlight comes in. Since bathroom screens are usually down anyway – for privacy reasons – this will make your bathroom feel like there is a window and will certainly feel lighter.

Choose transparent fittings

The more glass or translucent fittings you choose in your bathroom, the less messy and more open it will feel. Glass and clear objects also reflect artificial light and create a brighter environment. Install glass shower screens or enclosures in your bathroom as well as glass shelves. This also creates a clean and desirable look.

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