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Breath of the Wild Resin "Stained Glass" Panels With RGB LED Light Box

First attempt:

I attached to a trial and error with this project

I attached the panel to the TuckTape with hot glue around the ends and some super glue in the middle spots to really secure it to the board. I really needed to use more super glue in the middle because I had a huge issue with resin bleed. When it looks cool in the photo, when you can see colors in places they are not supposed to be.

Second Attempt:

It was from here I had the idea to try again but this time paint the panels with a mix of Modpodge and paints. Black Diamond Pigment to give a slight hazy look.
Modpodge mixture and paints to try to help hide the brush strokes. In the end this also turns into a failure because the paints were still too thick and when you shine through you can see the colors very well. The panels though did really cool, but not the desired effect of a light box I am looking for.

Third Attempt:

I started again from scratch, this time with a bit more of a plan. The first pour failed because of resin bleed. Second time because painting was not the right option.

  1. Apply a thin layer of clear resin about 1
    /16 inch thick. I did this JUST to seal the edges to the work surface.
  2. Color by color mix resin cups one at a time and fill the spaces where those colors should be. It was helpful to have a photo of the original image while doing this. This is the bulk of the project. I would do this for two hours a night and then let them sit for 8 hours. I also highly recommend wearing a face mask because the fumes from being right next to the resin can get strong. This color by color step worked very well. The colors showed up like I want them too, they are just a bit light.
  3. AFTER EVERY POUR watch for bubbles. Have a heat gun and blow them away as needed

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