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Bird Window Play Center perch modification for larger bird

Remove existing swing drill and its hooks. This will leave a keyhole location that we will use to mount the new bench.

Cut the sleeve to the desired length. The length will be a little shorter than the space between the keyhole grooves due to the thickness of the template plate.

Pre-drill a small pilot hole through the center of both ends of the sleeve. 1/16 "or 1/8" diameter should be good.

Screw the flat screws through a hole in the metal plate at the end of the wooden plate. The 3 "mending plate worked well for our conure.

Place the bolt through the mending plate (on the end opposite the wooden shelf). At the other end of the bolt and the mending plate, a washer and a nut are placed. You may need to have a thicker tray. two or three different tiles until I found one that did not leave the end of the bolt that protruded past the nut when it was fully installed. Why? Because I didn't "want to have the parrot accidentally scratch it up and get hurt.

Place the new bore bolt through the keyhole of the play hole. If necessary, secure. Try to make sure that the ends of the bolt are & # 39; Don't scrap your bird. Find a thicker tray if needed.

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