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Best kitchen project for 2020

With the new year underway, it's time to plan for DIY projects. 2020 will be a good year for kitchen upgrades to improve your cooking and gathering space.

Creating a colorful backsplash

Backsplash has been a major kitchen trend for several years, but by 2020 the colorful plate backsplash will reign supreme. This is a simple and tasty way to add a light energy to the room. If you feel particularly bold, you can extend the back plate to take up the entire wall ̵

1; this is another hot kitchen trend for the new year.

Unexpected color

Talk about color, another way to add it to your kitchen that will become popular in 2020 is in the form of a stove or oven hood. Use a bold color of heat-resistant appliance paint to enliven these functional elements.

  elegant, bright kitchen with open shelves

Installing Open Shelving

While open shelves have been popular in other areas of the home historically, recently it has become more of a kitchen trend. This interior trend will continue to increase in popularity by 2020. Replace traditional cabinets with open shelves and stock them with mixing bowls, utensils and other accents for a stylish kitchen.

Add wallpaper

It's no secret that wallpaper has made its comeback, and now it is also a kitchen trend that is on the rise. Try shells and stick wallpaper on a wall in your kitchen and choose an elegant or bold design you love. This is easy to install and remove if you change later, and it will certainly be eye-catching in the meantime.

Installing a sheet metal stand

Sheet sheets were a fairy tale – until 2020. These can be added to countertops or stylishly displayed on a wall. Not only do these provide a fun accent in your kitchen, they are also organizationally functional. Best of all is that you can do this at a low cost, especially if you buy vintage plate holders at garage sales or retail stores. Any vintage can add a classic touch to your culinary space.

Mix Up Your Metals

Mixing and matching the metal finishes in your kitchen is a project that is easy to do in as little as a weekend and is right on trend for 2020. Consider using a type of metal for your drawers and cupboards while using another for your lighting to create some smart contrast.

Upgrade your pantry

In recent years, pantries have been hidden. By 2020, that will change. Upgrade your pantry and make it more of a focal point in your kitchen by adding a colorful door that can be a conversation piece. Maybe even consider a screened porch door to offer transparency. Organize your shelves carefully in your pantry with trays, baskets and raised shelves. This is a project that gives your kitchen a feel organized and easy to maneuver.

  nice, small kitchen with large stone tiles

Tile the Floor

Wooden floors have had a long-lasting place on kitchen wish lists, but now they have to share the limelight with ceramic tiles. If you're scratching for a new floor in your kitchen that says a statement, this is a great project for the new year. Tile is a more affordable option to install, and it is also easier to maintain, as it is resistant to spillage, making it ideal for a kitchen. Best of all? The options for ceramic tiles are unlimited – from slightly bright and bold to more subtle colors and patterns.

Paint your cabinets

White cabinets have been around for quite some time, but the bright and bright color trend goes aside when dark cabinets come into their own. Deep, dark shades for this larger part of your kitchen have become more popular. Consider making this change in your cooking space by painting your own cupboard. You can even put a spin on this trend with chalk paint which is both dark and makes this woodwork a canvas for works of art and messages. Blue cabinets are also here to stay, so be sure to paint cabinets like a rich navy – they will probably stay in style for many years to come.

Add a compost bin

To make your home more environmentally friendly, add a indoor compost bin to your kitchen. These are easy to use and very comfortable, in addition to helping the planet and reducing waste. You'll soon become so used to using a compost bin to recycle waste that you wonder why you didn't install one long ago.

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