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Best bathroom project under $ 75

It's time to give the bathroom an update and there are a lot of areas that need updating. To keep your budget sensible and still make improvements, here are several bathroom projects to do that cost less than $ 75 from start to finish.


A fresh color coating in all rooms illuminates the atmosphere. A new wall color coordinated with a set of new towels and a new shower curtain, if applicable, can do wonders in improving the overall look of a bathroom.

You can paint the bathroom in a single color, which saves money or use a color for everyone except one wall and paint that wall a free color that blends into the other shade. This may be a little more expensive, as you will invest in more than one color, but the alternate colored wall can act as a focal point and add a modern touch.

Caulk and Grout

If you take a look at the caulk and the grout around the bathtub, shower and sink, you may notice that it is a bit dull or sooty. Thorough cleaning of the grout can improve the appearance. Even better, applying a new line of caulk to areas that have already been dried, such as the base of a shower room or bathtub, will both revitalize the aesthetic and update your protection against leaks.

 elegant modern bathroom with bathroom lamps toilet shower and double floating vanity

Light fixture

If the bathroom has an old, outdated lighting fixture, you modernize the look with an optimistic look. fixtures that throw off a lot of light while remaining energy efficient.

Cabinet hardware

An item that is often overlooked is hardware, be it doors or drawers. Most cabinets have the original hardware from when they were first installed, so a simple update is to just replace the handles with a new set. If you plan to paint the cabinet again to add a color line or add a new coat of varnish to get the wood grain, new hardware will make your interior look brand new.

New Sink

A new sink can be an expensive investment, and there are many styles and designs available. But if you shop, you can probably find a basic bathroom sink within the $ 75 budget. A glittering looking countertop with no chips, marks or discoloration can provide a significant improvement.

Faucets and fixtures

Replace old sinks and bath fittings, towel racks and toilet tissue holders with something new. Replace old light switch. Changing the toilet seat for an updated model is another quick, easy improvement.

Shower Head

If the shower head is an old-fashioned traditional model, consider replacing it with a water-saving fixture that can help reduce your water bill.

 large neat shower head

Bathroom accessories

Add some comfort and color with a new bath mat. Not only does it look good, it feels good and it provides a safe place to go to avoid slipping and falling.

If your bathroom has a shower curtain and / or window dressing, you may want to consider replacing one or both with something that adds a splash of color to the decor.


There are not always enough places in the bathroom to place items, whether decorative enhancements or toiletries. If this is the case with your bathroom, you may want to consider installing a floating, ladder or solid wood shelf or a motionless floating glass shelf with a nickel finish.

Before you try to do a bathroom update, make a list of what features will have the biggest impact on the overall look. Next, do your research and check prices on local home improvements and department stores. Note the cost next to each item on the list. This gives you an idea of ​​what project or project you can do for $ 75 or less.

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