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Avoid these 9 common home winter problems

Avoid These Common Home Winter Problems

Your warm weather DIY project may be retained until next year, but hopefully you have come to take care of a little winter during the winter house turns into problems that ruin your holiday fun.

first Chimney Fires

If you dream of a "white Christmas", don't forget to take care of your chimneys before the winter cold hits. Some homeowners choose the gas fireplace compared to the wood burning kind, but there is definitely something about the scent and charm of a wood-burning fireplace that just doesn't compare to a gas.

Whatever type of fireplace you have for roasting your chestnuts, do it safely by cleaning and checking the chimney regularly. Improperly maintained chimney can cause fires and cause potentially significant damage or damage.

2nd Heating the heating system

Don't let this happen to you. Especially with family and friends strolling through the snow to share in your holiday celebrations. An ounce of prevention through regular inspection and maintenance of your heating system can mean the difference between a "quiet night" and a good time "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree."

3rd Draft

A sluggish house can get cold when temps dip outside and let in the heat when summer comes. This inefficiency will cost you more on your energy bills, giving you less money for vacation expenses. Proper seals around the doors and windows can help reduce the amount of heat – and money – lost through these tricky drafts.

4th Roing Shingle Damage

Before Santa and his reindeer land on your roof, check these shingles for missing or loose. These flaws, no matter how small they may be, can lead to roof leaks, or worse, damage to the Big Man in Red. Hopefully he is not the litigious type.

5th Abundant gutters

If you live in an area with deciduous trees that drop leaves in your garden and gutters, don't forget to shake them to make leaf compost and clear them out of the gutters to prevent them from becoming clogged. Check the roof when you are outside and check the roof and make sure they are channeling the water away from the home, not into it.

6th Ice Dams

Areas that experience significant freezes are at risk of damage from ice ponds. These occur when an ice ridge prevents melting snow from being dropped from the roof, which can cause roof damage that can drop water into the home. Controlling the amount of heat loss from the home can help prevent this seriously harmful problem from occurring.

7th Fallen Branches

Ice, snow and wind gusts can easily tear off tree limbs and cause damage to your home. Avoid costly repairs by properly maintaining the health of your trees, which include adequate pruning each year.

Winter is a good time to do some pruning while the trees are dormant, as long as the weather cooperates. With very large trees, or trees, it is best to leave this to the professionals who have the equipment to ensure the safety of people and property underneath.

While trimming, don't forget to take some cuttings to spread some of your favorites around the property.

7th Frozen Pipes

Nobody wants to deal with crises at home around the weekend, so don't forget to include plumbing on your list of things to land before the temperature in your area drops. Pipes exposed to outside temperatures are best relieved of insulation.

For outdoor taps, consider installing a frost-proof sillcock if you don't already have one.

8th Burst Sprinkler Lines

At the moment, it may be out of sight, without thought, especially during a snow film, but if you forgot to overwinter your sprinkler system you may be in for an expensive surprise when things thaw in the spring. Leaking pipes can damage the foundation and cause unexpected water bills before being discovered. Depending on your location, it is a good idea to properly winterize your sprinkler system, so if you can do it!

Enjoy Your Home in Winter

You've spent the year working hard on your DIY projects to upgrade your Home. Do not bring your success by forgetting to deal with these simple maintenance projects before the winter hits.

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