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9 things that it is not too late to start doing for yourself

  9 things it is not too late to start doing for yourself

Right now you should not judge or rob yourself of how long your trip taking. We all need our own time to travel our own distance. And every step is necessary.

Think of this post as your reminder …

Marc and I have spent the last 12 years coaching people of all ages and demographics, from all over the world. Above all, this experience has taught us that everyone travels in their own way. Some people start their careers right from their early twenties, only to find themselves burned out and start over when they reach their early thirties. Others start working with minimum wage directly from high school and work their way up the company's ladder, and they happily retire in the mid-sixties. Some people fall in love and get married in their mid-twenties, but get divorced a few years later. Others marry in the early forties and spend four decades with their soul mate. Some couples are ridiculed for becoming teenage parents, but end up living to meet their children's children. Other couples become pregnant in the mid-forties and become ridiculous for exposing their unborn children.

Again, everyone's journey is different. And everyone makes life right, in their own way.

So remind yourself right now: there are no absolutes in life.

And there are really no fixed timelines.

You're NOT too late to make the best of things!

You are exactly when you need to be right now.

Which means. . .

first It's not too late to start doing the hard things you need to do to be happier.

All great achievements require time and hard work. Good things will not come easy. And consistent practice is the only way you can endure the gray periods.

When we want things to be easy and expect them to be, we are inevitably disappointed. Our disappointment then motivates us to give up too soon. And the thing about giving up too soon is that you never know. You never know if you could have made an effort and done something incredible with your life. I have personally been pushing myself quite hard over the years, because I was tired of the same old problems. How about you?

Find the courage to do the hard things in life. What no one else does. The things that scare you. The things others can't do for you. The things that make you question how much longer you can stick to and push forward. Because those are the things that define you. These are the things that make the difference between existing and living – between knowing the way and going the way … between a life of mediocrity and a life filled with happiness and success.

Yes, find the courage!

And remember, courage doesn't always rush high. Sometimes the courage is simply the quiet voice at the end of the evening, whispering: "I'll try again tomorrow."

2. It's not too late to become a beginner.

We are products of what we know, but we do not need to capture it. When you stop learning, you stop living a meaningful life. The wealth of life does not always come from living in familiar and comfortable territory. It is when you venture away from the familiar that you become stronger and more capable.

You have to stick to your core values ​​and at the same time open your heart and mind to new ideas, feelings and experiences. Your own perspective becomes clearer when you look at things from different angles. Find ways to provide a healthy challenge to your current understanding of life, and you will discover and experience much more of life's magic in the days to come.

Bottom line: As long as you're breathing, you've just begun.

3rd It's not too late to stop comparing yourself to everyone else.

Let go of the stupid need to compare, and you will liberate yourself from doing what is most important to you. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you don't always have to be and do what everyone else does and does.

If you compete with others, you become bitter. If you compete with a previous version of yourself, you will be better off. As simple as that. You are not competing with anyone other than yourself – planning to outdo your past, not other people.

And remember that when you are not competing against others, you can work with them on a common goal instead. You can use your combined insights and talents to achieve what none of you alone can. Incredible personal growth and learning takes place through relationships when the competitive spirit is replaced by a cooperative one.

4th It's not too late to give yourself a loving stamp of approval.

I don't need anyone's affection or approval to be good enough in my own eyes.

Repeat it for yourself and let it sink in.

Others cannot validate you. In fact, when someone rejects or abandons or judges you, it's actually not about you. It's about them and their own insecurities, limitations and needs, and you don't have to internalize any of that.

Your value is not dependent on others accepting you – it is something inherent. You live and therefore you play a role. You get to think about things and feel things. You have the right to assert your needs and take your place. You have to hold on to the truth that the one you are is worthy. And you have allowed to create a healthy distance from anyone who insists on making you feel different.

5th It's not too late to stop taking some daily annoyances personally.

Another driver interrupted you in traffic. Your friend never sent you back. Your colleague went to lunch without you. Everyone can find a reason to be offended daily. But what made you offended? You took things personally and dramatically. You did everything about yourself by assigning negative intentions to these otherwise arbitrary actions. And you let your mood go.

Don't do this to yourself. Don't pretend that everyone's daily actions are about YOU. They are not. The actions of man are about them. So let it go!

How would your life be different if you departed from drama, gossip and non-constructive assumptions?

Let today be the day you find out.

6th It is not too late to prioritize yourself daily.

Life becomes much easier when you are your own best friend. So don't forget YOU out there, and don't be too hard on yourself either. There are many others who will do both of these things for you.

Remember that there is absolutely no selfishness in self care. If you do not take good care of yourself, you cannot take care of anyone else. Because we cannot give what we do not have. Treat yourself right and you will give life to others.

7th It is not too late to feel the warmth and joy of lifting others up.

When your own self-care is in order, there is no training better for your heart and mind than reaching down and lifting people up.

generosity is not only to help others, it is also to liberate you. That is what prevents the things you own from owning you. Therefore, you cannot live abundantly until you have done something nice for someone who can never repay you. Meditate on this and live graciously today.

8th It's not too late to stop thinking and thinking, and OVER-THINKING EVERYTHING.

Sometimes your mind breaks unnecessarily with events that are not even likely. Your sore throat is life threatening. Your lost driver card fell into the hands of a wrong person who wanted to steal your identity. Negativity like this only breeds more negativity. It is a happiness. It will take you away from the beach and, if you do not swim away, it will drag you down.

Stop pondering any dilemma. The answers come to a relaxed mind. Space allows things to fall into place. A calm attitude gives the best results.

When your fears and anxieties you have looked too deeply into things create problems – it does not fix them. If you think, and you think and think, you will think yourself out of happiness a dozen times and never once into it.

ninth It is not too late to truly embrace the life you are currently living.

Before you can truly LIVE today, some of you must first die. You have to let go and bury what could have been, how you should have responded and what you wish you would have done differently. You must accept that you cannot change a past experience, others' opinions at that moment in time or the results of their choice or yours. When you finally accept this truth, you will finally understand the true importance of forgiving yourself and others. From this point you will finally be present and free.

Remember that you have gone through a lot, but you have also grown a lot. Give yourself credit for your resilience and move forward again today with grace.

After Tankts

If you struggle with any of these points, know that you are not alone. Many of us are there with you, working hard to feel better, think more clearly and live a life without abuse. That is precisely why Marc and I wrote the NEW edition of 1,000 small things that succeed successful people do differently. It is filled with short, concise tips on how to do just that. And believe it or not, Marc and I regularly review a lot of our own material, too, just to center our thoughts on these positive principles.

The summary is that it is never too late to take a step in the right direction. It's never too late to break away and become the person you can be!

Your turn …

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