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8 natural home decor ideas

Decorating your home with natural elements is simple, elegant and durable. Biologically inspired or manufactured pieces are a recent new trend, so your space will fit into the zeitgeist if you turn some of these ideas into action.

Decorate with sea shells

natural design with seashells on a coffee table and neutral tone pillows

There are lots of ways to decorate with the natural gifts from the sea. If you have an abundance of seashells collected, you can use them in your home! Pair them with other naturally toned objects to emphasize the feeling of organic life.

1. Sea Shell Filled Bars

seashells for natural design

Fill jars with seashells and place them around your home. Jars in all shapes and sizes are perfect for holding shells. These will be a simple and natural way to decorate. Alternatively, you can use a large hurricane jar and fill the bottom with shells. Place a candle in the middle. This will be a talking point in your home.

2. Sea Shell Gallery Wall

Shells can easily let you create hanging art that can contribute to or form a gallery wall. Use hot glue to artificially attach shells to the back of the frame, which you can leave as is or cover with a fabric of your choice. Then frame the arrangements of shells that you have put together and frame them. Hang them in an arrangement of your choice on the wall to create a natural and beautiful gallery wall.

You can achieve a similar look and feel by lacing seashells on lines like pearls and then hanging them against a wall or in doorways.

hanging seashells for natural design

3. Sea Shell Mirror

If you have a bland old mirror that you want to spruce up, seashells are an easy way to do just that. Just hot glue the seashells around the mirror frame so that it is completely covered with shells and overlaps them slightly. This not only makes for a conversation piece in your home, but is also a nice upgrade to a functional item in your home.

4. Sea Shell Bookends

If you have large shells, consider using them as bookshelves on your shelf or bookshelf. Even if you do not have two shells that completely match, this will work to create a coastal and modern look on your shelf and at the same time integrate nature.

Decorate with flowers

Flowers are another nice element of nature that can be used to decorate your home in many ways.

beautiful pressed flower crafts in a book

5. Pressed flower candles

This decoration is elegant and can be done on the cheap, which is a win-win. Use wax paper and pressed wildflowers to create the fixtures. Cluster the flowers in groups on the luminaires and use Mod Podge to attach them to the wax paper. These are great to add to a window that gets an abundance of sunlight or to use with a battery-powered tea light to create a wonderful atmosphere in your home.

6. Printed flower accent badge

Take an old, enchanted accent tray and turn it into a beautiful decor that celebrates and accentuates nature in your home. In the same way as the luminary project, use Mod Podge to attach pressed flowers or individual petals to the tray. When it dries, you have a colorful and fun tray to add to a coffee table or bench.

Decorate with greenery

Leaves and greenery outdoors can also provide a fantastic home decor.

7. Leaves in vases

natural design with green leaves in a small jar on a table by a blue wall

If you are looking for a unique centerpiece in the table that celebrates nature, collect large green leaves in different shapes and structures. Take cylindrical vases of different sizes and put an inch of water in the bottom of each. Wrap a sheet in each vase so that it appears and arrange the vases in the center of the table. This gives an interesting decor that gives “goes green” to a whole new level.

8. Planted herbs

herbs planted indoors in containers by a window

If you have an empty wall that gets an abundance of sunlight, this may be the perfect place to add some nature that does double duty. A wall that contains herbal plants not only serves as a functional place to grow and eventually harvest fresh herbs, but it also serves as a decorative accent. Hang decorative boxes or even smaller, painted jars on the wall and plant herbs like thyme, sage and rosemary in each of them. As simple as that! This wall will bring so much joy to your home as well as a great lack of color.

Adding natural elements to home decor is definitely a big trend in 2020, and these small yet influential ideas allow you to get into the latest in interior design.

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