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8 Fun Tech DIY Project

Do you have a little extra time on your hands? We’ve hesitant because you probably have a list of projects just waiting to be completed. But if your free hands just aren’t ready to deal with that list, you may need a break to recharge and replenish your creative juices. We suggest you test a cool technical project. Lucky for you, we have a list of ideas just waiting to be explored.

Create a microbial fuel cell

If you have ever been curious about alternative renewable energy, you may have heard of this futuristic sound process that generates electricity by harvesting electrons from bacteria. Science is sometimes like magic, right? Even more when you think about this idea has been around for more than 1

00 years.

Take some knowledge, a bundle of patience and some materials, and you can also turn muck into power and even house a sweet beta while you’re on it. Connections can be tricky, so you may also want to check out this article before starting your project.

student working on microbial fuel cell

2. A solar-powered bicycle light

Bicycle lights can be expensive and not one of the most earth-friendly gadgets if you include the number of batteries you will go through now that you have committed to cycling as a means of transportation. We appreciate you being an earth warrior, but not if you give up your security just to save a few bucks. Your safety is important. Do not cycle in the dark and risk getting a ticket – or worse.

Try to make a solar-powered bicycle lamp from materials that would otherwise end up in the trash. We’re talking about your used deodorant stick and circuit board from a solar powered garden lamp. Haven’t you always wondered what you can do more with empty deodorant sticks?

3. A battery out of spare replacement

A few pennies in your pocket or a stash clinking in the bin may not be enough to get you a soda from a vending machine, but it can give you an interesting time with the kids. If they live in the virtual world this school year, show them this cool STEM project to arouse their interest in the science behind electricity. This low-voltage spare battery is perfect for useful things in life, such as running your pocket calculator or lighting an LED. Let your / their curiosity guide you.

homemade coin-operated battery

4. A bark-activated door opener

If you have not installed a doggie door or taught your fur child how to open it on their own, take a gander at a gadget that lets your precious four-legged friend unlock the door when she barks. Go on – sleep in! With the help of the Raspberry Pi, a budget-friendly computer with credit card size, you can catch up with the much-needed z and still be a good parent for pets. Of course, you may want to install safeguards to protect your house and family from potential intruders if the door remains open after your friend takes care of business.

5. Digital print list

After teaching your fur child how to get out in the morning, you can use the Raspberry Pi for many other good uses. If you are a beer lover, try restoring an old TV or computer screen to display a digital print list for your piers. It not only looks cool, but prevents the expensive electronics from polluting the environment in a landfill.

6. Light it up

Rhinestones on your dog’s collar are the 1990s. Instead, add a few LEDs to the collar for a little futuristic glam that makes the dogs in your block of super jelly. But do not stop there. Add a few LEDs to your shoes so that your dog does not outshine you during your evening walk. (Yes. We went there.) Since summer at the end of the evening, fall asleep comfortably knowing that you have a night light to prevent you from stumbling your toes on your two, half-sleeping hike to the bathroom.

articulated shoes

7. Stay protected from the sun with a UV detector

Sunshine is important for our well-being, but too much can cause a number of health problems. Stay sun-protected with this detector that measures UV radiation before entering the summer sun.

8. Keep your cabinets safe

Small hands have a way of finding things that should not go into their mouths. If you have a No-No locker that you want to keep safe, lock it with a touch-sensitive lock that prevents little exploring fingers from finding things that could damage them.

Get in the spirit of exploring and experimenting with these cool tech projects. Who knows what innovative product you can come up with!

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