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7 things you should get rid of if you live in a small space

We all want to live a less messy and more ordered life. Especially if your home is short in space, you need to keep external objects to a minimum. Even if you think you live with the bare legs, there are probably some things you can release. Here are some things you should get rid of to start making your little space more fun.

Old Pantry Items

It is easy to lose how much is in our pants. Whether it's our excess spice rack or a lazy Susan filled with boxes and bags of rice, sauces and other foods, there are usually some old items that are driven on the back and are forgotten. Go through your pantry and take it all out. Check the expiration date and get rid of something that has expired (you will be surprised at how long you may have had some of these things). Throw everything that has been open for a long time, as it is probably out of date or moldy.

Discontinued medicine or dietary supplement

In the same eyes, it is important not to keep medicine and supplements that have passed their primary. Not only are these dangerous, they also take up space unnecessarily. Follow the same steps with your medical cabinet as you did with your pantry: take it all out and step by bit, check the end date. Make sure to get rid of outdated makeup too – your skin will thank you!

  Three discontinued pills in a plastic package

Children's artwork

Especially for the sentimental among us, it is easy to accumulate a huge collection of arts and crafts that children takes home from school. While it is nice to stick to some of these childhood articles, it can be quite a space aspirator in your home. Keep your favorite pieces and get rid of the rest. If you have a hard time releasing, take pictures and take a photo book. In this way, you can still remember your children's creations without spending precious space to save them all.

Seasonal articles

Many of us have large collections of seasonal goods, especially clothing and accessories. Winter coats and boots in particular can take up considerable space. Products that are only used during part of the year can be a major inconvenience for the rest of the time. Cut down your coat and start the collection to just your favorites, and do the same with the rest of your shoes as well. This is a wonderful way to save space while collecting things that can be donated or upcycled .


Books take up a lot of space, so it's a good idea to get rid of those you've already read or, realistically, will never read. Books are another good item to donate.

  A stack of paper

Old paperwork

In today's world, it is easy to go paperless! Old bills, bank statements and receipts take up a lot of space in a small space, and you can easily scan them and store them electronically instead. Recycle your paper files to create a nicer space. Then you change your statements and bills to digital so that you can avoid future assembly. No scanner? No problem! There is a wide range of apps that scan for you right on your phone.

Unworn Clothes

Everyone is obliged to wear clothes that go blurry year after year. If a garment doesn't fit, or just isn't your style anymore, it's time to set it free. Go through your wardrobe and use the "one year" rule, remove anything that hasn't been worn in a year or more. Do this for everyone in your family and you will soon have much more wardrobes than you did before.

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