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7 surprising services cities offer

Taking advantage of the services that your city offers is a great way to take advantage of free and affordable programs in your area. Every city is different, so if you see a service on this list that is not in your city, you can develop your idea at your next city council to earn your citizens’ stars and improve your community.

1. Picking up the Christmas tree

Christmas tree on the sidewalk stones

In some cities in the United States, the local government offers Christmas tree picking on the first or second day of sweeping after Christmas. This service is only intended for people with live trees that need to be composted or dumped. The city collects these trees, usually free of charge, and takes them to suitable waste stations. Individuals may need to note in their online city service profile that they want to participate in this service, but in most cities it is not necessary.

2. City change

a busy flea market filled with colorful tents

Smaller towns and cities sometimes host barter or farm sales. These universal sales are often hosted at a local park or city meeting place and are designed to prevent unnecessary waste in local dumps. You can find a good deal or two, share your old treasures with your neighbors and clean out your closet while you are at it. These changes usually take place during the summer months and are hosted by the park department, but if your city is not hosting a change, take one together yourself.

3. Drug Drop

fire truck at the emergency center

Did you know that you can take old prescription drugs to the fire station for safe waste? As the opioid epidemic increases, it is more important than ever to make sure you are safe and disposing of your old prescriptions and drugs. Never rinse your old drugs or throw them in the trash. While some experts recommend crushing the pills in litter, the safest way is to discard your old drugs by taking them to the fire station. This service is offered in almost every city across the country.

4. Car seat care

cute child smiling at a woman from their car seat

Speaking of fire stations, you can also check your car seats at the fire stations before your baby is born. Firefighters will help you install the car seat correctly or check the locations you have already installed. As car seats go out and are sometimes recalled, fire stations are updated with all the latest information on car seats and know what to do and models to look for. This service is also available in most cities.

5. Removal of road kills

If you live in a state where roadkill abounds, your city is likely to offer a removal service. If you happen to meet an armadillo or squirrel on the way to work, just call the city and report the location of the dead or injured animal. Do not jump out of your car to move the animals out of the way – it is dangerous. Instead, have the animal removed to the pros.

6. Movie night

people watching a movie outside with a projector screen and popcorn

Whether it’s the local park department or the library, many cities offer movies in the park during the summer months. These family-friendly excursions are designed to bring the community together during a fun evening out. With the growing popularity of food trucks, many cities have a food truck night alone, or along with these fun events. If your city does not offer family movie nights, consider building one cinema set in your own garden.

7. Senior support

nurse smiling with elderly patient in wheelchair

If you are over sixty-five years old, your city probably offers several senior classes you can attend. From meeting and visiting style activities and bingo nights to older aquatics and cooking classes, these activities often come at a low cost or completely free. If your city has a recenter, many of these events will be offered through that resource.

When taking advantage of your city services, be sure to tell the people behind the scenes thank you. It is a lot of work to organize events for so many people. And if you find the time one day, you can imagine yourself!

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