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6 tree houses for rent

Life in the trees

Tree houses are not just for children anymore. If you crave the days when you explored life in the branches, check out these six incredible tree-house spaces you can rent for your next vacation. Look at the leaves, listen to the birds and reconnect with nature far from the rest of the lively world.

Photo: Airbnb

1. A glass house

Part of the Tree Hotel Project, a group of tree houses in northern Sweden, is Mirrorcube just one of the seven raised structures to rent on the property. Almost invisible to the landscape, the interior design offers traditional homes with a modern birch lined design. The cozy room sleeps two in a double bed and has a roof terrace.

Photo: Treehotel

2. Luxury in Leaves

Majestic Treehouse lives up to the name with one bedroom and one bathroom draped in a sumptuous interior. Along with the award-winning design, hanging porch swing, fire pit, and connecting garden deck, there are 40 acres of surrounding farmland and woodland to explore.

Photo: Airbnb via Morning Wild Photography

3. Miami Farm

Treehouse Canopy Room is located just outside Miami. Not only does this house offer spectacular design elements, it is located on a farmer for the workforce. That means you can wake up to the sound of pets and mix with like-minded people who like to pick breakfast from the garden on the grounds. The interior of the tree house is literally the trunk itself, because the structure curves up and around a pithecellobium tree.

Photo: Airbnb

4. Rustic and Remote Control

This rustic, detached tree house located in an eco-village in Gasquet, California makes it easy to disconnect. Divide your values ​​by durability while you sleep 18 feet above the ground, over a deep compartment of surrounding trees. What this skips over in modern comforts (it has no power or heat), it is loneliness.

Photo: Airbnb

5. Family Friendly

This cozy luxury tree home outside Austin, Texas, can sleep four adults in two bedrooms (one with a queen bed and one with two twins). It has a kitchenette and space to relax and overlooks a small stream with waterfalls.

Photo: Glamping Hub

6. Treetop Sanctuary

This beautiful New Hampshire garden room is 30 meters from the ground, so it limits visiting children over the age of ten. The rental comes with access to a five-hectare property (plus 200 acres of nearby conservation land), and a kitchen and bathroom house needs. Inside the tree house there is electricity and Wi-Fi, as well as a fully functional wood stove for cooking and heating.

Photo: Airbnb

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