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6 fun painting ideas for kids

Painting with children is not only a great way to keep them entertained, but is also the perfect way to encourage creativity. In addition, there are endless options for creating activities for them to do that span all interests and age groups.

1. Mermaid Scale Painted Rocks

mandala painted rock beautiful craft project

Summer is the perfect time to go out and collect rocks from your garden. When done, use the rocks for good use! Thoroughly clean and dry the stones, then use acrylic paint to completely cover the stones in one or two shades. Mixing blue shades gives a cool sea view to the mountain, but you and your kiddos can really choose which color you want. Let the paint dry completely and then use a metallic marker to draw a mermaid wave over the paint. Finish the rocks with a layer of mod podge and let it dry. The finished product makes a fun decoration that mermaid-obsessed children will love.

2. Nature brushes

brush with leaf coming out design

This project is all about creating your own, natural brushes! The great thing about this idea is that it gets kids exploring good outdoors. Start by collecting flowers or leaves that can be used as a “brush”. Then use yarn or string to attach these finds to the end of a twig. Then use these “brushes” to create art and enjoy the different lines and textures that each natural find creates.

3. Painted toast

painted toast with unicorn design

Turn breakfast into one paint projects! This really makes a run-of-the-mill piece of toast alive, wowing children. Simply mix milk with different food colors in small ramekins. Let the children use a new brush to add colors to toast in whatever design they want. Then pop the bread in the toaster, and just like they eat an edible and colorful breakfast all in one.

4. Spray gun painting

sprayed paint ropes as from the spray gun

Another fun painting activity to do outside is spray gun painting. In addition, this is very easy to install. Just add liquid watercolor paint to your body on a small spray gun instead of plain water. Then set a canvas or paper against a background that you do not mind being hit with a little color. Then let the kids go crazy and spray paint on the target. They have a ball and you will end up with a unique work of art.

5. Spice painting

spices and their powders

This is a fun sensory activity for children that gives life to the spices in your pantry, lets them use them for a painting project and lets them smell their delicious scents at the same time. Put water in different jars and containers and sprinkle a little of each spice in each of them so that they can sit overnight.

Cinnamon, ginger, pepper and pepper are some good to use, but it’s really up to you and what you have on hand. Once they have settled in the water, the color of the spices will bleed into the water and create a kind of color. Then let the children use them as traditional colors to create art and enjoy the scent and texture created with this DIY color.

6. Marble painting

painted balls, colorful manufactured toys

Use an age-old toy for the kids for this project: bullets. You will need balls, boxes tops, paper, kid-friendly paint, brushes, water, spoons and anything with sections (like a muffin tin or egg carton) to keep the color. Once you have all your materials, drop a marble of any color color into the cut tin or cardboard you are using. Let the kiddos use a spoon to move the balls around in each colored color.

Give each child a piece of paper to tape on the inside of a box. Then the children can scoop out the covered balls with spoons and place them on the paper. Then let them gently move the box above so that the balls can roll over the entire paper and create a color path that follows its movement. Let them repeat the process with as many balls as they want until they are happy with their artwork.

The possibilities for painting projects with children are endless, but know that whatever you choose will be fun, memorable and will surely create creativity.

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